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Summary of Service

Welcome to the Wiltshire Council directory of maintained schools. On this page you can search and access detailed information on all our maintained schools, including maps and a route finder facility. Individual school pages are also linked into the Wiltshire Community History database from which you may be able to access details of a school’s history, maps and images.

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You can search for a specific school by alphabetical index or keyword:

Alphabetical Search

Alphabetical Index:

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Select the appropriate letter from the above list that will display all schools beginning with that letter.

School Name Search

Enter the search keyword or part keyword in the School Name field. If you leave the keyword blank, every school will be listed in alphabetical name order:

  • entering west will display items containing Westbury, West Ashton, Westwood, etc.

  • entering BA14 or BA14 7 or BA14 7G will display schools that have the 'part keyword' in their postcode.

Note you can enter the search terms in either upper or lower case.

The search results page will display three columns, all linked to additional information:

  • School Name - link to detailed School Information

  • Town/Village - link to map of town/village where School is located - red circle denotes position of school.

  • Postcode - link to detailed map of School location - red circle denotes position of school.

Wiltshire Schools Map

A School Map Facility is available (opens new window) which shows the position of all Wiltshire schools on a digital map. The map can be searched by a combination of school name, postcode and school type.

Route Map Facility

A School Location Facility is available at the bottom of the School details page. If you enter your home postcode and select ‘Get Route’ a map along with full directions from your home to the school will be displayed.

School Status Definitions

  • Community School (CO) – maintained by the local authority (LA). The LA is the admissions authority – it has main responsibility for deciding arrangements for admitting pupils. This also may include LA Community Special Schools which are organised to make special educational provision for pupils with special educational needs.

  • Foundation Schools (FO) – maintained by the LA. May have a foundation (generally religious) that appoints some (but not most) of the governing body. The governing body is the admissions authority..

  • Voluntary Aided School (VA) – maintained by the LA, with a foundation (generally religious) that appoints most of the governing body. The governing body is the admissions authority.

  • Voluntary Controlled School (VC) – maintained by the LA, with a foundation (generally religious) which appoints some (but not most) of the governing body. The LA is the admissions authority.

  • Academy (CA) - Academies, by which we mean Academy Schools, (including those that are Free Schools), University Technical Colleges and Studio Schools, are state-funded, non fee-paying independent schools set up under a Funding Agreement between the Secretary of State and the proprietor of an Academy (most commonly, and hereafter, referred to as an Academy Trust).


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