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Area Board Grant Detail

Started on: 07/04/2019 11:13:39

ID: 3267

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

09/05/2019 12:39:52 Funds transferred, please allow up to 28 days for the funds to reach your designated account.

07/05/2019 14:45:01 Bacs received.

29/04/2019 16:20:25 Accepatance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

29/04/2019 10:54:14 £7500.00 approved.

12/04/2019 12:32:13 Your application will be considered at the Melksham Area Board meeting on Wednesday 24th April 2019 at Melksham Assembly Hall, Market Place, Melksham. The meeting will begin at 7pm with tea/coffee available from 6.30pm. You and/or a member of your group will need to attend to introduce the grant (one minute only) and to answer any questions which may arise. Please would you be able to reply to this invitation confirming your attendance by Friday 19th April 2019.

12/04/2019 12:11:57 Application received.

1. Which type of grant are you applying for?
Community Area Grant

2. Amount of funding required?

3. Are you applying on behalf of a Parish Council?

4. If yes, please state why this project cannot be funded from the Parish Precept

5. Project title?
Replacement toilets for The Canberra Centre

6. Project summary:
We are updating the toilet facilities at The Canberra Centre in Melksham. The facilities at present are not fit for use as they are out-dated and deteriorating quickly. The toilets are often extremely difficult to flush especially for the young people who use the hall on most week days. The taps are difficult to fully turn off thus leading to water waste. The current facilities limit the way in which the building can be used as well as preventing people from hiring the hall especially in the case of people with disabilities or very young children

7. Which Area Board are you applying to?

Electoral Division

8. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?
SN12 7NY

9. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
Children & Young People
Safer communities
Sport, play and recreation

If Other (please specify)
The Canberra Centre is a community resource used by groups from across the community

10. Finance:

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:
(money not committed to other projects/operating costs)


Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
We currently run four youth clubs a week together with a free to access counselling service which all rely on our limited funding. We have very restricted reserves that are held for dealing with any emergencies that may arise such as urgent repairs etc..

We are a small community group and do not have annual accounts or it is our first year:  

10b. Project Finance:

Total Project cost £21594.34  
Total required from Area Board £7500.00
(Itemised expenditure)
£ Income
(Itemised income)
Tick if income confirmed £
Contractor for works 18689.86 Volunteers yes 3000.00
Project Management 2903.48 Wessex Water Grant yes 1500.00
Female of the Species Concert yes 2300.00
Melksham Area Board 7500.00
Other Fundraising/Grants 3500.00
Reseves 3793.34
Total £21593.34     £21593.34

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant from another area board within this financial year?

12. If so, which Area Boards?

13. Please tell us WHO will benefit and HOW they will benefit from your project benefit your local community?
Young Melksham provides a youth service for young people in the Melksham community including those from areas of financial deprivation and low-income households. 10 of residents in the Melksham Community Area live in areas of high deprivation compared to 4 of Wiltshire residents living in some of the most deprived areas nationally and 13.5 of children and young people under 20 in Melksham Community Area live in low-income families. This is higher than the Wiltshire average of 10.6. The youth club sessions and holiday activities we provide support a wide range of young people in the Melksham Community Area including those who live in low-income households. We run a Membership Assistance scheme for families that would like to send young people to the centre but would struggle with the cost. We especially recognise this can be a challenge for those with several children. Our aim is that no young person should be excluded from attending based on ability to pay.We are updating the toilet facilities at The Canberra Centre in Melksham. The facilities at present are not fit for use as they are out-dated and deteriorating quickly. The toilets are often extremely difficult to flush especially for the young people who use the hall on most week days. The taps are difficult to fully turn off thus leading to water waste. The current facilities limit the way in which the building can be used as well as preventing people from hiring the hall especially in the case of people with disabilities or very young children. The new toilet facilities will be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act DDA 2005 and current safety standards. We will install one disabled toilet and five unisex cubicles with water saving toilets and replace the current taps with push button taps in order to save water usage. There are currently no baby changing facilities in the hall and the installation of a baby changing unit will provide further opportunities for hiring the hall. We intend to use this grant towards the costs of installing new water saving products in the unisex cubicles.This project will bring our community together by providing better facilities which can be used by a wider range of users including those with young children through the installation of a baby changing unit. The Melksham Seniors Forum are starting a Tea and Talk session at The Canberra Centre on Sunday afternoons with the aim to bring the older and younger generations of Melksham together and provide a space for the older generation to socialise. Through this project we will provide a safer and cleaner space for the hall users. We will also provide a greater environmentally friendly facility for our users by saving water with the installation of water saving toilets and push button taps. At present the taps are difficult to turn off many of our young people leave the taps on and by adding push button taps the water will be rationed thus saving a considerable amount of water. We will also be able to raise awareness of why we have fitted the new facilities and how they save water amongst the some 200 young people we are in contact with each week.A measurable impact will be seen in a reduction to The Canberra Centres water bill due to the water saving facilities having been installed. We also regularly speak to the young people and ask for their feedback about the centre and the activities on offer and they have expressed a need to update the toilets. We also know from potential hall users that one of the reasons why they have not hired the hall is due to the facilities being outdated and not in good working order. This is true of the toilets which have been in place since the 1960s and are therefore not fit for purpose and are not compliant with the latest safety standards or water saving options available. We will replace the separate male and female rooms with five unisex gender neutral cubicles and one disabled cubicle. We will ask our youth club members and other users who hire the hall for feedback once the new facilities have been installed. We would like to see an increase in people using the hall outside youth club sessions as a result of the new toilet installation. Source Local Deprivation Calculation based on Index of Multiple Deprivation Department for Communities and Local Government 2015. Source Percentage of Children and Young People Under 20 in Low Income Families 2013 HMRC.

14. How will you monitor this?
The new toilets should allow us to increase the rental of the premises thus helping cover the cost of delivering this important community resource.The proposal to undertake these works has come directly from feedback from current users both young people and the wider community and potential users who have seen the condition of the toilets as a challenge to them using the facility. We will continue to listen to feedback from these groups to continue to improve the facility for the whole community.

15. Safeguarding. Please tell us about how you will protect and safeguard those involved in your project

16. If your project will continue after the Wiltshire Council funding runs out, how will you continue to fund it?
This is a one-off project to update the toilet facilities which will have a long-term impact for the future use of The Canberra Centre. In order to make our charity sustainable we rely on hall hire as an extra income when The Canberra Centre is not being used by our young people. At present potential hall users have been put off by the current poor state of the toilet facilities with toilets that do not flush properly and taps that are not easily turned off. The lack of disabilityfamily friendly facilities and a baby changing unit adds to the urgent need for us to install new facilities. The new unisex toilet facilities will have a positive impact for the long-term use of The Canberra Centre by a much wider range of users than at present.

17. If this application forms part of a larger project (eg. building of new village hall), please state what this project is and approximately how much the overall project will cost.
This project is the first significant phase of the refurbishment of The Canberra Centre. Much of the work to refurbish the centre can be done by volunteers and supporters as it is decorating and ground works. However this is a significant building project and needs to be undertaken by suitable professionals. Other phases of the works will include new fencing for the outdoors grassed areas replacing the windows in the main hall repositioning of the kitchen facilities and provision of a toilet on the first floor to improve access and potentially moving the main entrance of the building closer to the car park. We have not set a time line for these improvement and will undertake them as and when we have been able to raise sufficient funding. The toilets are a priority for us due to the shocking condition that they are currently in.


Supporting information - Please confirm that the following documents will be available to inspect upon request:

yes I will make available on request 1 quote for individual project costs over £500 & 2 quotes for project costs over £1000 (Individual project costs are listed in the expenditure section above)

yes I will make available on request the organisation's latest accounts

yes I will make available on request the organisation's Constitution/Terms of Reference etc.

Policies and procedures:
yes I will make available on request the necessary and relevant policies and procedures such as Child Protection, Safeguarding Adults, Public Liability Insurance, Access audit, Health & Safety and Environmental assessments.

Other supporting information (Tick where appropriate, for some project these will not be applicable):
yes I will make available on request evidence of ownership of buildings/land
yes I will make available on request the relevant planning permission for the project.
yes I will make available on request any other form of licence or approval for this project has been received prior to submission of this grant application.

And finally...
yes The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.

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