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Area Board Grant Detail

Started on: 01/04/2019 11:57:34

ID: 3260

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

17/07/2019 08:50:24 Your payment has now been sent to our Accounts Payable Department, please allow up to 28 days for the funds to reach your account.

12/07/2019 15:11:31 Bacs received.

12/07/2019 14:32:00 Accepatance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

16/05/2019 15:18:31 £2500.00 approved.

02/05/2019 09:59:25 Your application will be considered at the Marlborough Area Board meeting on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at Marlborough Town Hall, 5 High St, Marlborough SN8 1AA. The meeting will begin at 7pm with tea/ coffee available from 6.30pm. You and/or a member of your group will need to attend to answer any questions which may arise. Please would you be able to reply to this invitation confirming your attendance by Monday 13th May 2019.

17/04/2019 14:00:41 Dear Kate, Thank you for your application to the Marlborough Area Board community grant scheme, to confirm safe receipt and that we will be in touch with next steps. Kind regards, Alexa Davies (Community Engagement Manager).

1. Which type of grant are you applying for?
Community Area Grant

2. Amount of funding required?
£1001 - £5000

3. Are you applying on behalf of a Parish Council?

4. If yes, please state why this project cannot be funded from the Parish Precept

5. Project title?
Playground for Marlborough St Marys CEVC Primary School

6. Project summary:
The new playground will be constructed of high quality materials in keeping with the surroundings and will include a double wooden tower pirate ship with bridge. slide. firemans pole and den. A large woodland climber. A bouldering wall. An area with a mixed level activity trail including parallel bars. monkey bars. balance bar. balance weaver and swinging logs. There will be a variety of accessible high points and raised platforms maximising space and adding an element of adventure for all children inclusive of their different physical needs. This will encourage social inclusion. turn-taking and improve health outcomes of the children by supporting their physical development. In particular improving upper body strength and assisting the development of gross motor skills. We are proposing to install a modest scheme cost wise that is high quality exciting and challenging. We obtained 3 quotes from API -Association of Play Industry- accredited companies with our preferred supplier offering a guarantee of 05-15 years. 5 years for surfacing and 10-15 years for timber and materials. The Friends of Marlborough St Marys have been incredibly supportive of this project and recognise that it is of high priority for the school and have been fund raising hard with the aim that we can start work on installing the scheme in Spring-Summer 2019. If we receive funds from the Area Board then it would be a fantastic boost in order for us to complete our goal as soon as possible.

7. Which Area Board are you applying to?

Electoral Division
Marlborough West

8. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?

9. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
Children & Young People
Health, lifestyle and wellbeing
Inclusion, diversity and community spirit
Sport, play and recreation

If Other (please specify)

10. Finance:

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:
(money not committed to other projects/operating costs)


Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
The current reserves are restricted for spend on curriculum items only. In particular this includes future national pay awards and national insurance contributions which currently the school will not receive any additional government funding for and are projected to account for most of this reserve over the next few years. This reserve must also cover additional staffing and any requirements for support of disadvantaged children plus IT and school repair and maintenance. This results in the school having to carefully plan any future additional resource requirements and look for support of external funds if they become available for items such as Play Equipment.

We are a small community group and do not have annual accounts or it is our first year:  

10b. Project Finance:

Total Project cost £32400.00  
Total required from Area Board £5000.00
(Itemised expenditure)
£ Income
(Itemised income)
Tick if income confirmed £
7 element Activity trail with 57m2 Play Lawn 7400.00 Local fundraising 2400.00
Woodland climber 3630.00 Local Fundraising yes 3630.00
Bouldering Wall 3340.00 Local Fundraising yes 3340.00
Double Pirate Boat Tower 1.5m x 1.2m 9930.00 From School Funds yes 9930.00
125m2 Play Lawn Safer Impact surfacing 8100.00 Local Fundraising yes 8100.00
Total £32400     £27400

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant from another area board within this financial year?

12. If so, which Area Boards?

13. Please tell us WHO will benefit and HOW they will benefit from your project benefit your local community?
When St Peters Junior and St Marys Infant schools amalgamated on to the one site as Marlborough St Marys Primary School in September 2017 we were unable to bring the St Peters play equipment to the new site. Consequently the KS2 children do not have access to stimulating play equipment except for a ball games area which does not appeal to all children. An important part of the school experience is the benefit of outdoor play. Marlborough St Marys has actively been promoting this and has worked hard to develop new ways for the children to use the outdoor spaces around the school. This project represents a vital phase in this work. The area we wish to develop can not be used in winter as the ground becomes wet and muddy. This project would mean it is available all year round increasing the communitys access to leisure spaces and increasing their activity levels. This is important particularly as one local play area in the schools catchment area has just been removed to make way for a housing development. Marlborough St Marys is located in the ward of Marlborough West however the catchment area is mainly to the east of the town with a large proportion of social housing. The Wiltshire Mosaic Index for 2018 shows the school graded 28 out of 199 schools in Wiltshire with 1 being the most disadvantaged. The school currently has 385 children on roll and is projected to be at capacity within a few years. The new play area will be a lasting legacy that thousands of local children will get the benefit of over the coming years. The children will have access to the new play area before school at lunchtime and after school. The after school club will use it daily to expand the kind of activities on offer and ensure the children increase their daily activity levels at a time when they would usually be indoors playing games or watching TV. Youth groups in the area know about the plans for the project and want to book the area to use on an ad hoc basis e.g. Cubs. Scouts. local church youth group and MYFC. This will enable them to enhance their activities and broaden the projects reach to local youngsters outside of the school. The school has also just agreed in principal a holiday club proposal which would be open to all local children and would offer regular use of the play facilities outside term time. The community has been involved in the projects development and will be central to its delivery. We involved the PTA. parents. children. PE and SEN staff in the design and asked local groups what they would like to use and why. Adventure play equipment was the most popular design because it would deliver much needed excitement and challenge e.g. climbing. It would be suitable for a range of needs e.g. low level for children with physical disabilities. It would offer higher level challenges to keep on improving gross motor skills and core body strength and finally it would provide a basis for so many different activities that the local community could use e.g. pirate ship for imaginative play - navigation of obstacles - problem solving and physical exercise. This project will provide all round benefits for the childrens well-being. Physical social and emotional development will be enhanced. 1. Physical. Positive early experiences with a range of physical activity and development of gross motor skills in children is important in enabling a life-long participation in sports and recreation activity so contributing to long term physical social and psychological health. More immediately children benefit from having a wide choice of gross motor experiences that are non-competitive and focused on having fun. The proposed scheme caters to a range of childrens individual interests skills and abilities. Physical development benefits include. Gross motor experiences. Fine motor experiences. Physical challenges. Self-help skills. 2. Relationship Building. Providing a range of outdoor play equipment for children of primary age who naturally seek to engage in active play and have a desire to interact with other children helps to build social relationships and to develop the school as a supportive and inclusive community. Informal play experiences are an excellent way for children of different backgrounds and with different life experiences to interact. build understanding. tolerance and develop friendships. The use of shared equipment engenders a sense of citizenship as children learn and practice turn-taking. Other social development benefits include. Social cognition and empathy plus perspective-taking. Cooperation. Sharing. Turn-taking. Conflict resolution. Leadership skill development e.g control of impulses and aggressive behaviour. 3. Emotional Well-Being. Playing outside gives children a heightened sense of emotional well-being. The freedom offered by outdoor play impacts positively on behaviour e.g. allowing children to more openly express themselves become less solitary and enjoy a range of sensory experiences. Emotional benefits include. Enjoyment. fun and love of life. Relaxation. release of energy and tension reduction. Self-expression. Self-confidence. self-esteem. anxiety reduction and therapeutic effects. 4. Outdoor Environment. This project will encourage children to have a positive and fulfilling relationship with the outdoor environment. Time spent outside in the natural outdoor environment also has positive outcomes in terms of more difficult behaviour. The calming and relaxing influence of active outdoor play has huge and long-lasting benefits in terms of behaviour and ability to learn in the classroom environment. The multiple benefits of having a stimulating outdoor play environment accessible to children through the seasons can not be over-estimated. It can help children with. Language and communication skills e.g. vocabulary. story-telling and emergent literacy. General education. A meaningful and fun and enjoyable context for children to learn new concepts and skills. Exploration and discovery on their own and with others. A context for experimenting and risk-taking. Practicing skills. Other developmental benefits including creativity. abstract thinking. imagination. problem-solving. concentration and persistence. The new playground will enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage. Specifically physical and mental health as Marlborough St Marys has a higher than average number of children with special educational needs who have a range of physical. social. emotional and learning needs. The school has 22 percent SEND which is 9.6 percent higher than the national of 12.4 percent in state-funded primary schools. Currently the 20 place resource base is over subscribed with 25 children on roll. Some of these children have very significant needs. In particular gross motor skills development is low which impacts childrens activity levels. stamina and overall well-being. For all children there is a pressing need to address their low self-esteem. resilience and growth mindset. This is holding them back from trying new things. taking risks and dealing with failure in a positive way. This is due to a lack of enriching experiences e.g. families tell us they would like to do more but are restricted because of money or transport or time issues as well as wider societal pressures e.g. to do well at school or to portray a positive image of themselves. This is especially true for older children and young people in the age of social media. Families said it was important that the outdoor area was developed into something special that could be used by pupils and their families plus outside groups thereby giving something back to the local community. This play equipment will enhance outdoor learning experiences and help develop social interaction and cohesion. We hope this will enhance a sense of community both within the school and beyond.

14. How will you monitor this?
The Personal development. behaviour and welfare of the children is a key area on the School Development Plan. This includes the following objectives. To enable children to develop positive behaviours and engage constructively in learning and the wider school environment. To improve childrens self esteem and well being. To continue to develop provision of PE and enable all children to participate in 30 minute daily exercise. To develop an awareness of a safe and healthy lifestyle in the school to enhance childrens health and their learning capacity as well as their life opportunities. To develop and enhance outdoor learning opportunities and access to the outdoor environment. The school employs a pastoral support and parent support advisors who along with the Teachers and Midday supervisors and play leaders will be able to assess the impact of the new playground. The board of governors includes a Childrens Emotional Wellbeing Governor. The school is in the process of applying for the Healthy Schools Award. We encourage parents to submit their feedback via OFSTEDs Parent view. parents meetings and regular coffee and chat sessions. Governors and Senior Leadership regularly monitor the school development plan. the childrens outcomes. parent feedback and behaviour. The school also monitors agreements with local community groups and plan to send out an annual questionnaire on the benefits of its facilities.

15. Safeguarding. Please tell us about how you will protect and safeguard those involved in your project

16. If your project will continue after the Wiltshire Council funding runs out, how will you continue to fund it?
We will continue to fundraise.

17. If this application forms part of a larger project (eg. building of new village hall), please state what this project is and approximately how much the overall project will cost.


Supporting information - Please confirm that the following documents will be available to inspect upon request:

yes I will make available on request 1 quote for individual project costs over £500 & 2 quotes for project costs over £1000 (Individual project costs are listed in the expenditure section above)

yes I will make available on request the organisation's latest accounts

yes I will make available on request the organisation's Constitution/Terms of Reference etc.

Policies and procedures:
yes I will make available on request the necessary and relevant policies and procedures such as Child Protection, Safeguarding Adults, Public Liability Insurance, Access audit, Health & Safety and Environmental assessments.

Other supporting information (Tick where appropriate, for some project these will not be applicable):

And finally...
yes The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.

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