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Area Board Grant Detail

Started on: 14/01/2019 17:04:12

ID: 3157

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

27/03/2019 14:49:16 Funds have now been sent to our Accounts team to process, please allow up to 28 days for the funds to reach your account.

27/03/2019 11:28:33 BACS Received

27/03/2019 06:35:25 Accepatance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

18/02/2019 11:44:13 £5,000 Approved

17/01/2019 17:00:46 Your grant will be considered at the Area Board on 31 Jan at Whiteparish

17/01/2019 16:59:52 Thanks for your application. I will be in touch if any info required

1. Which type of grant are you applying for?
Community Area Grant

2. Amount of funding required?
£1001 - £5000

3. Are you applying on behalf of a Parish Council?

4. If yes, please state why this project cannot be funded from the Parish Precept

5. Project title?
Upgrade sports facility at Barrys Fields

6. Project summary:
A multi faceted integrated project to facilitate significant development of youth football provision at Barrys Fields. This grant is part of a funding package with the Football association and Parish Council as the other major funding partners. The package includes a winter training area with portable floodlights new goals improved access to toilet facilities improved access for players and parents to the refreshments area improved storage. Although driven by football the project will also provide significant benefits to all users of Barrys Fields sports ground. The proposal works as a package deal. A piecemeal approach would not be effective or timely and would not attract the large FA grant.

7. Which Area Board are you applying to?
Southern Wiltshire

Electoral Division

8. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?

9. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
Children & Young People
Health, lifestyle and wellbeing
Sport, play and recreation

If Other (please specify)

10. Finance:

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:
(money not committed to other projects/operating costs)


Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
Such projects are well in excess of our financial capability. The FA supports clubs such as ours if match funding can be found locally. We have a waiting list and an opportunity to include many more children and young adults from the next football season. Our reserves are needed to cover major expenses including formal FA training as the club grows. The club is professionally organised and run and the opportunity to increase the number of football pitches has recently been agreed with the PC.

We are a small community group and do not have annual accounts or it is our first year:  

10b. Project Finance:

Total Project cost £24000.00  
Total required from Area Board £5000.00
(Itemised expenditure)
£ Income
(Itemised income)
Tick if income confirmed £
Outside Access to toilets 2000.00 Football Association 2000.00
improved storage 7000.00 Parish Council 7000.00
High Fence netting 200.00
Floodlights 4000.00 Football Association 4000.00
Replacement full size goals 2100.00 Clarendon Juniors 2000.00
Replacement 9 a side goals 2200.00
2 packs corner flags 40.00
respect barriers 80.00
Foot scrapers 380.00
Football entranceexit 6000.00 Football Association 4000.00
Total £24000     £19000

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant from another area board within this financial year?

12. If so, which Area Boards?
Southern Wiltshire

13. Please tell us WHO will benefit and HOW they will benefit from your project benefit your local community?
Adults youth and children from Winterslow and all surrounding parishes will benefit from the project. Football is a major contributor to childrens development and to combating childhood obesity. Increased football pitches and improved facilities will allow for an increase in teams both adult and child as well as usage by other local teams in the area. The floodlights will allow for Winter training which will increase the usage by the current teams as well as other local teams. The increased pitches and improved facilities will permit significant increased membership currently over 150 of Clarendon Juniors. We have good links with local schools and seek to increase cooperation with the schools to improve outdoor exercise for children. There will be a easier access made from the pitches to the toilets this will assist with access for younger children and increase safety. There will be a new structure erected outside of the side entrance to the building which will project participants and watchers from the weather as well as protecting the new indoor floor covering. The teams are mixed age and mixed ability and increased time available using floodlights and increased pitch space allows ensures every player shared game time. Sports and Recreation are Paramount for a young persons development. The Club welcomes and supports members who have special needs including Aspergers and Autism and increased space allows for improved support like chill out zones. The Club has recently sponsored two young men from Syria who have received international clearance to play football. The club is inclusive and supports all young people regardless of race religion sexual orientation. The increased area and floodlights will also be made available to the local schools the Youth Zone and other community groups and events eg village fetes fun run etc

14. How will you monitor this?
Clarendon Juniors will work closely with the PC the owners of Barrys Fields to monitor the project and the membership of the Club.

15. Safeguarding. Please tell us about how you will protect and safeguard those involved in your project

16. If your project will continue after the Wiltshire Council funding runs out, how will you continue to fund it?
This is a discrete project. The funds are expected to be used against the total cost of the project with no overflow of funding needed.

17. If this application forms part of a larger project (eg. building of new village hall), please state what this project is and approximately how much the overall project will cost.
This is not part of a larger project


Supporting information - Please confirm that the following documents will be available to inspect upon request:

yes I will make available on request 1 quote for individual project costs over £500 & 2 quotes for project costs over £1000 (Individual project costs are listed in the expenditure section above)

yes I will make available on request the organisation's latest accounts

yes I will make available on request the organisation's Constitution/Terms of Reference etc.

Policies and procedures:
yes I will make available on request the necessary and relevant policies and procedures such as Child Protection, Safeguarding Adults, Public Liability Insurance, Access audit, Health & Safety and Environmental assessments.

Other supporting information (Tick where appropriate, for some project these will not be applicable):
yes I will make available on request evidence of ownership of buildings/land
yes I will make available on request the relevant planning permission for the project.
yes I will make available on request any other form of licence or approval for this project has been received prior to submission of this grant application.

And finally...
yes The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.

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