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Area Board Grant Detail

Started on: 16/06/2016 15:20:33

ID: 1985

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

06/09/2016 11:59:50 2500.00 Payment processed please allow 28 days for your payment to reach your bank account.

05/09/2016 11:33:32 BACS REVEIVED.

03/09/2016 16:33:51 Accepatance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

09/08/2016 15:14:43 2500.00 Approved at the Southern area board meeting on 28.07.16 , please log back into your grant to accept our terms & conditions.

19/07/2016 15:41:51 Thank you for your recent application which will be considered at the Southern Wiltshire Area Board on Thursday, 28th July, 2016 7.00 pm. The venue for this meeting will be Whiteparish Memorial Hall, Common Rd, Whiteparish, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2SU. You nand/or a member of your group will be required to attend to introduce the grant (1 minute only) and to answer any questions that may arise.

19/07/2016 13:52:23 Application received.

1. Which type of grant are you applying for?
Community Area Grant

2. Amount of funding required?
£1001 - £5000

3. Are you applying on behalf of a Parish Council?

4. If yes, please state why this project cannot be funded from the Parish Precept

5. Project title?
Redlynch Village Hall renovation of storage facilities

6. Project summary:
Existing outbuildings used as storage are no longer weatherproof and let in rain. Storage rooms within the hall require damp proofing. This project is to replace the existing outbuildings with a new modern insulated building and to renovate the old store rooms within the building to address the problems with damp and to provide one store and an additional meeting room.

7. Which Area Board are you applying to?
Southern Wiltshire

Electoral Division

8. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?

9. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
Children & Young People
Health, lifestyle and wellbeing
Inclusion, diversity and community spirit
Sport, play and recreation

If Other (please specify)

10. Finance:

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:
(money not committed to other projects/operating costs)


Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
We have a funding gap of between 5000 and 10000 between currently available reserves and the amount needed for this urgent work. The income for the year shown above includes 5000 which was donated specifically towards this work and is held in a restricted fund and we can fund an additional 15000 from our free reserves but the total cost is estimated at between 25000 and 30000.

We are a small community group and do not have annual accounts or it is our first year:  

10b. Project Finance:

Total Project cost £30000.00  
Total required from Area Board £5000.00
(Itemised expenditure)
£ Income
(Itemised income)
Tick if income confirmed £
Purchase of garage 13000.00 Donation (Restricted fund) yes 5000.00
Building work 8000.00 General reserve yes 15000.00
Internal roofing 1500.00 Additional fundraising 5000.00
Architects fees 1000.00
Flooring 500.00
Doors and other materials 1500.00
Site clearance 500.00
Other costs contingency 4000.00
Total £30000     £25000

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant from another area board within this financial year?

12. If so, which Area Boards?
Southern Wiltshire

13. Please tell us WHO will benefit and HOW they will benefit from your project benefit your local community?
The hall is available for use by all members of the local community who will therefore benefit from improvements to the facility. They benefit from having available locally a fit-for-purpose hall which can be used for recreational social and educational use. In particular many local organisations are regular users of the hall and need safe dry storage for equipment and other assets. This includes the local drama group the horticultural society the social committee and youth and other societies.

14. How will you monitor this?
All local societies that are regular users of the hall are entitled to representation on the management committee alongside elected representatives from within the community.The committee meets regularly at least four times a year and determines how the hall is managed and what investment is made in facilities This ensures that the hall is run to the benefit of the community.

15. If your project will continue after the Wiltshire Council funding runs out, how will you continue to fund it?
Any overrun will be funded from reserves or through additional fundraising activities.

16. If this application forms part of a larger project (eg. building of new village hall), please state what this project is and approximately how much the overall project will cost.


Supporting information - Please confirm that the following documents will be available to inspect upon request:

yes I will make available on request 1 quote for individual project costs over £500 & 2 quotes for project costs over £1000 (Individual project costs are listed in the expenditure section above)

yes I will make available on request the organisation's latest accounts

yes I will make available on request the organisation's Constitution/Terms of Reference etc.

Policies and procedures:
yes I will make available on request the necessary and relevant policies and procedures such as Child Protection, Safeguarding Adults, Public Liability Insurance, Access audit, Health & Safety and Environmental assessments.

Other supporting information (Tick where appropriate, for some project these will not be applicable):
yes I will make available on request the relevant planning permission for the project.
yes I will make available on request any other form of licence or approval for this project has been received prior to submission of this grant application.

And finally...
yes The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.

Evaluation Received 15/11/2017 16:47:54

1.   I confirm that our project was completed in accordance with the conditions of the approved application. *Required field

2.   I confirm that all pictures, quotes, receipts and invoices are available for inspection upon request to prove the above. *Required field

3.   I confirm Wiltshire Council's financial support was acknowledged in our publicity, printed or website material. *Required field
Website http://www.wvha.org.uk/find-details-page.php?hall_id=306hall_id=306

4.   Our project was successful in delivering the proposed community benefits. *Required field

5.   The grant application process was. *Required field
very good

6.   Any further information that you would like to tell us about your project

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