Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record

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Title / Name

Pillbox Near Langley Burrell


A hexangonal pillbox with graffiti in the interior.

Monument Types and Dates

PILLBOX, C20 (1901 to 2000)

Other Details

Source Detail: Royal Air Force, 1940-50s

Title: Royal Air Force Aerial Photography

Summary: No summary information. Source ID: SWI26099

Description: A Second World War pillbox is visible on aerial photographs taken in the 1940s. It was removed some time before 1964. It was one of a pair which sat next to a boundary which cuts off a bend in the River Avon between Tytherton Lucas and Peckingell to the east of the Chippenham-London railway line.

Source Detail: MacLean, S., 2010

Title: Personal Communication from Sarah MacLean Identifying a Hexagonal Pillbox

Summary: Site visit Source ID: SWI26206

Description: A hexangonal pillbox located on the edge of a waterway. Remaining intact, the entrance is still accessible, but the interior has graffiti. It was not entered on the site visit, with the interior only viewed through the entranceway.

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