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Area Board Young People Grants List 2019 - 2020

Viewing Area Board Young People Grant Applications

Project Title


Area Board

Grant Amount (£)

Total Project Cost (£)


Closing the attainment gap - Every Child Matters 2019. Launch2learning Calne 5000.00 6360.00 Application Received
Barford hornets football club Barford hornets fc Salisbury 987.00 987.00 Application Appraisal
young persons photographic project. T2a Tidworth 685.00 685.00 Approved, Awaiting applicant acceptance
Drop In Mentoring Support Kandu Arts Chippenham 2.00 4000.00 Approved, Awaiting applicant acceptance
Grant for Cricklade Local Youth Network Cricklade Community Choir Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade 3783.00 7566.00 Awaiting BACS
Camp Xtra 2019 Camp Xtra Devizes 1800.00 15850.00 Awaiting BACS
Young persons counselling project Crosspoint (Westbury) Westbury 5000.00 5600.00 Funds Transferred
Re-Cycle Wiltshire Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Trowbridge 4000.00 4000.00 Funds Transferred
Trowbridge Town Youth F C Goalposts Trowbridge Town Football Club Trowbridge 750.00 1160.00 Funds Transferred
Mindreset Thrive Corsham 2435.00 2435.00 Funds Transferred
HEALS OF MALMESBURY SUMMER 2019 ACTIVITY PROGRAMME HEALS of Malmesbury Malmesbury 1059.00 6409.00 Funds Transferred
Calne Youth Outreach Project 2019 Calne Town Council Calne 2300.00 4100.00 Funds Transferred
Youth Cricket Playing and Coaching Equipment Collingbourne Cricket Club Tidworth 1.00 1172.00 Funds Transferred
Mindreset Thrive Malmesbury 1217.00 2435.00 Funds Transferred
Calne Skate Series 2019 Calne Town Council Calne 450.00 1500.00 Funds Transferred
Friary Youth Club Outings Salisbury Assemblies of God Church Salisbury 1.00 2840.00 Funds Transferred
Safe and Sound Friday Youth Cafe 2019-2020 The Rise Trust Chippenham 4890.00 9872.00 Funds Transferred
Going Up- Growing Up Making the transition St James Church Devizes Devizes 800.00 800.00 Funds Transferred
Chippenham Salamander Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service Chippenham 3000.00 6440.00 Funds Transferred
Vulnerable Young People from Melksham 2019 Activity Days Youth Adventure Trust Melksham 994.00 13256.00 Funds Transferred
Vulnerable Young People from Trowbridge 2019 Activity Days Youth Adventure Trust Trowbridge 1988.00 13256.00 Funds Transferred
Vulnerable Young People from Chippenham 2019 Activity Days Youth Adventure Trust Chippenham 1500.00 13256.00 Funds Transferred
Safe and Sound Summer Youth Project 2019 The Rise Trust Chippenham 3617.00 6802.00 Funds Transferred
Spark Festival Rewired Counselling (in partnership with The Pound Arts Centre) Corsham 2725.00 2725.00 Funds Transferred
Open Blue Bus Rudloe youth work The Open Blue Trust Corsham 3400.00 3400.00 Funds Transferred
LoVe Sounds Music LoVe Sounds Music Trowbridge 1876.00 2844.00 Funds Transferred
Brighter Aspirations Plus Trowbridge Community Area Future Trowbridge 5.00 6821.00 Funds Transferred
Thriving Though Venture Thriving Through Venture Calne 4990.00 14844.00 Funds Transferred
Thriving Through Venture Programme 2019 Thriving Through Venture Marlborough 2500.00 14844.00 Funds Transferred
  Amount approved £65120.4  

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