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Organisational principles required of applicants:
  • Equality & Diversity - Contributing to the Public Sector Equality Duty by clearly demonstrating a high level of commitment to equality and diversity in their role as employers and service providers. Ensuring they do not discriminate against any group, that they ensure everyone has the opportunity to access their service and that this service contributes towards community cohesion. Organisations must be able to evidence that they monitor progress and can evidence that their services comply with these principles.
  • Sustainability - Establishing and or maintaining a realistic development / business plans to sustain the organisation.
  • Leverage - Showing a commitment and ability to access income from other external sources.
  • Representation - Improving representation for communities at risk of exclusion and strengthening new routes for participation and engagement in disadvantaged areas.
  • Partnership and collaboration - Evidencing an ability to influence, engage and work in partnership with other voluntary sector organisations, the council and other agencies on a wide range of activities
  • Quality Assurance (QA) / Good Practice - implementing good practice models and quality assurance models which could be promoted and shared across the sector.
  • Value for Money (VFM) - Demonstrating that VFM factors have been considered in the design and delivery of services and demonstrate a commitment to working alongside the council to deliver efficiencies when necessary.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation - ensuring satisfactory systems are in place to monitor and evaluate services and activities including finances and expenditure.



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