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Local Youth Grant Detail

Started on: 13/12/2018 13:02:32

ID: 647

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

28/01/2019 09:37:35 Funds transferred, please allow up to 28 days for the funds to reach your designated account.

24/01/2019 11:18:29 Bacs received.

24/01/2019 08:49:02 Acceptance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

23/01/2019 11:54:45 £300.00 approved.

09/01/2019 14:22:37 Your application will be considered at the Pewsey Area Board meeting on Monday 21st January 2019 at the Woodborough Club, Smithy Lane, Woodborough, Wiltshire, SN9 5PL. The meeting will begin at 7.00pm with tea/coffee available from 6.30pm. You and/ or a member of your group will need to attend to introduce the grant (one minute only) and to answer any questions which may arise. Please would you be able to reply to this invitation confirming your attendance by Friday 18th January 2019.

09/01/2019 14:19:24 Application received.

1. Project title? (Max. 8 words Eg. Tinkleton Village Youth Transport Project)
Jackdaws OperaPLUS- award winning project with Pewsey Primary Schools

2. Project summary: (100 words)
Jackdaws OperaPLUS will stage two performances of an accessible inclusive production of the opera The Team Mascot The Daughter of the Regiment by Donizetti. Performed by professional young artists alongside school children from maintained schools in Pewsey in an accessible local venue. Aims to introduce children families to opera so they can benefit from the well documented outcomes of participation in music. Up to 100 children per show aged 8-11 perform singing acting chorus roles. Supported by a range of teaching materials workshops prior to the perfs. Aims access to opportunity artist development developing transferable skills reaching new audiences.

3. Amount of funding required:
£0 - £1000

4. Which Area Board are you applying to? Not sure? -check on a map

5. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?(If the application is for something that will move around to different locations please insert the post code for where it will be based for the majority of the time.)

6. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
 Informal education
 Youth work/development
 Employment or training
 1:1/group work
 Community Project
 Community Safety

If Other (please specify)

7. About your project
Please tell us about your project (a strong application will address all of the following):

  • How does your project support local needs and priorities?
  • How have young people been involved in your project so far?
  • How many young people to do you expect to benefit?
  • How will your project be accessible and affordable?
  • How will you encourage volunteering and community involvement?
  • How will you ensure your project is accessible to everyone (Disabled, low incomes, vulnerable, etc.)
  • How will ensure your project is inclusive?
  • How will you work with other community partners?
How does your project support local needs and prioritiesI have had dialogue with Ros Griffiths and requested permission to apply which was granted. Local need was identified via the music hub Wiltshire Music Connect who promoted the project to their cluster coordinators. The coordinator for Marlborough and Pewsey invited us to work with the schools in their area as they had expressed immediate interest in taking part. In terms of priorities it fits into two of the key priorities of the National Plan for Music Ed overseen by the hub ext role 3- access to large scale performances with high quality professional musicians and core role D- singing strategy. It also supports the priorities of the schools taking part who have stated that they are very keen to promote music in all forms particularly through active pupil engagement participation the project enables them to achieve this. How have young people been involved in your project so farWe have been invited to make a representation to the local LYN in the New Year.This project has been running for a number of years and we collect views and other information from the young people we work with each year which informs how the project develops. The biggest development that has come about because of this is that there is much more active content for the school groups now as they wanted to sing and act more. They also take a role in leading how the action on stage will develop during the workshops and in many cases develop this further in their own schools by doing assemblies and other associated output such as art. How many young people to do you expect to benefitWe are working with two-three Pewsey schools who are putting forward a min of 30 and max of 60 children to take part. So we anticipate it will be in the region of 120 children that participate from this area. How will your project be accessible and affordableIt is a heavily subsidised project thanks to its unique nature. Schools pay a maximum of 100 to take part and we ask for a suggested donation of 2 to come to the shows making it very affordable access. The final venue is a well known place in the community and is accessible to all. How will you encourage volunteering and community involvementWe encourage community involvement by inviting family and friends coming to see the children take part in a unique event. The performances take part at 5.30pm early enough for the kids and late enough for working parents to get there. How will you ensure your project is accessible to everyone Disabled low incomes vulnerable etc.The venue is fully accessible. We work with the schools to understand the demographic of the families who will attend and have the capacity to make it a free event if schools feel that is more appropriate. How will ensure your project is inclusiveBecause we access the young people through their schools and the schools put forward whole classes of children it is non selected and very inclusive. We work often with SEN schools and SEN children and always encourage all schools to include these children as we have experience in making the work accessible to them and indeed have witnessed some very profound progress in many cases. We go to the schools for the workshops and then we ask the schools to bring the children direct from school on the performance day for a rehearsal in the venue prior to the perf this minimises any drop out. How will you work with other community partnersWe work with the music hub to promote the project and then with the cluster coordinators to reach the schools and then with the schools themselves to deliver the project.

8. Safeguarding
Please tell us about how you will protect and safeguard young people in your project (You must address all of the following):

  • Please evidence your commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.
  • How do you make sure staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding responsibilities?
  • Are staff and volunteers Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked and do you hold a central record of this as well as details of staff references.
  • Who in your organisation is ultimately responsible for safeguarding?
  • How do you ensure that young people are kept safe online when accessing your services?
How do you make sure staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding responsibilitiesWe ask them to read our safeguarding policy and keep a record of acknowledgment and we also ask them to sign a code of conduct document. We include training on basic safeguarding in the preparation for the project and the project lead regularly has formal safeguarding training.We also make sure they abide by safeguarding policy of individual schools and carry photo id at all times.This is all included in the agreements we draw up with them to undertake the project. Are staff and volunteers Disclosure and Barring Service DBS checked and do you hold a central record of this as well as details of staff references.All staff that engage in regulated activity are DBS checked and have references we have a record of this. Where staff are not engaging in regulated activity they will always be accompanied by a member of staff that are DBS checked and will never work with a child alone. Who in your organisation is ultimately responsible for safeguardingSafeguarding lead- Saffron van Zwanenberg Artistic Director How do you ensure that young people are kept safe online when accessing your servicesThe only online access they will have is if their teachers decide to let them access the sources page for the project on our website. This is accessible via a password only and only contains resources materials with no function to engage with anyone directly.

9. Monitoring your project
How will you know if your project has been successful?

A key element of demonstrating the success of this project is in the diverse mixed economy of funding it attracts which is why having local funding included is very important to us.Specific to this activity- We will ask schools to sign up to a monitoring agreement created by WMC.- We will collect data re numbersyear groups of participants through the schools at the time of their activities.Project Director will conduct some simple baseline measurements in the course of the prelim workshops and will assess progression across the project regarding quality of singing. These will be noted on the schools individual information monitoring document by the project director.We will collect some basic information about the teaching staff involved regarding their music experience and we will asses impact of using the CPD and resources by observing the progress the children make in the interim periods between workshops and noting it on the info doc for that school.We will conduct a staff survey of the teachersTAs that took part asking them to fill in a simple assessment of the impact of the project on them more confident in leading singing keen to experience other genres and their pupils showed increased confidence sang with increased fluidity and how it will affect their music making in the future Likely to maintain regular singing look for further opportunities take part in future .We will ask staff to either conduct a simple feedback exercise with their pupils based on our template or to ask the children to write to us and tell us about their experience and how it made them feel through words and pictures.We will measure the number of new audience by doing head counts and reconciling with box office receipts.We will collect on the spot feedback from the audience via our graffiti board and though the cast who stay to talk to parents and children after the performance. The Project Director and MD will assess the impact on the development of the artists taking part through ongoing feedback and evaluation during the course of the project giving them different areas of development for each workshop. Routine Evaluation-Routine monthly office meetings to discuss activity and troubleshoot.-The PD assess the budget with the development manager monthly she reconciles it and sendspays invoices accordingly.-Final budget reconciliation before final reports written and sent to funders. -Share results feedback with stakeholders as appropriate in reports on our website and social media. -In 16-17 we were Quality Assured by an external assessor commissioned by the Somerset hub and received a glowing assessment for this project specifically quoted as outstanding in educational terms.

10. Finance: if you are a new organisation and don't have accounts leave blank and tick box below

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:

Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
Because the reserve is committed to a capital project we are currently undertaking.

We are a newly formed group and do not yet have published accounts: 

10b. Project Finance:

Part One: *required

Total Project cost help £14240.00  
Total required from Area Board £300.00

Part Two: Please itemise your project expenditure and project income *required

Itemised Expenditure
eg Materials help
£ Itemised Income
eg Our reserves
£ Income confirmed?
Artists fees £7020.00 Wiltshire Music Connect £2500.00 yes
Rehearsal venue £102.00 Arts council project Funding £6000.00 yes
Venue Hire £300.00 Anonymous Trust donation £2300.00 yes
Costume and prop £88.00 DOyly Carte Trust £2250.00
Project Director fee £1215.00 School contribution £500.00
Teaching resources Marketing £436.00 Ticket donations £240.00
Accommodation & catering £1630.00 Marlborough Town Council £150.00 yes
Transport £564.00 £
Admin, overheads, DBS checks £2485.00 £
Piano removal £400.00 £
Total £ Total £  

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant for this project from another area board within this financial year?

12. Tick all the Area Boards to which you are intending to apply, including this one (You can apply to a maximum of 3 Area Boards for the same project in a financial year)
 Bradford on Avon
 Southern Wiltshire
 South West Wiltshire
 Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade


Supporting information

Do you have the following (please tick any that apply):
 Child Protection Policy
 Safeguarding Children
 Procedure for dealing with an allegation against a member of staff or a volunteer
 Complaints Procedure
 Public Liability Insurance
 Health & Safety
 Whistle blowing policy
 Internet use policy
 Annual Accounts
 Business/Project Plan (For projects where total project cost is over £50,000)

Legal declaration
 The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.

Evaluation Received 29/05/2015 13:01:22

1.   I confirm that our project was completed in accordance with the conditions of the approved application.

2.   I confirm that all pictures, quotes, receipts and invoices are available for inspection upon request to prove the above.

3.   I confirm Wiltshire Council's financial support was acknowledged in our publicity, printed or website material.
at the AGM\' s of the Village Hall, and the Parish Council

4.   Our project was successful in delivering the proposed community benefits.

5.   The grant application process was.

6.   Any further information that you would like to tell us about your project



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