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Local Youth Grant Detail

Started on: 08/11/2018 20:46:38

ID: 632

Current Status: Funds Transferred

To be considered at this meeting:
tbc contact Community Area Manager

Current Case Notes

11/02/2019 08:49:40 Funds transferred, please allow up to 28 days for the funds to reach your designated account.

06/02/2019 12:05:27 Bacs received.

05/02/2019 19:32:00 Acceptance Received. Now awaiting BACS detail.

05/02/2019 15:41:22 £4000.00 approved.

13/12/2018 10:08:14 Your application has been recommended to the Chippenham Area Board for a decision on the 4.2.19. regards Richard Williams LYF

14/11/2018 16:57:05 Thank you for your application which will be presented to the Chippenham Local Youth Network on the 29.11.19. regards Richard Williams

1. Project title? (Max. 8 words Eg. Tinkleton Village Youth Transport Project)
Riverbank Studios Jukebox Cafe Recording Rehearsal Studios

2. Project summary: (100 words)
The Jukebox Cafe is a cafe space for young people with a particular interest in music and arts giving them a safe space to come together make friends and perform at regular live music nights. The recording and rehearsal spaces are a continuation of the provision we have always offered providing an affordable professional environment for young people to rehearse and record their music. These projects run on Tuesday nights at Riverbank delivering 260 hours of provision for young people per year.

3. Amount of funding required:
£1001 - £5000

4. Which Area Board are you applying to? Not sure? -check on a map

5. What is the Post Code of where the project is taking place?(If the application is for something that will move around to different locations please insert the post code for where it will be based for the majority of the time.)
SN15 3PA

6. Please tell us which theme(s) your project supports:
 Informal education
 Youth work/development
 Employment or training
 1:1/group work
 Community Project
 Community Safety

If Other (please specify)

7. About your project
Please tell us about your project (a strong application will address all of the following):

  • How does your project support local needs and priorities?
  • How have young people been involved in your project so far?
  • How many young people to do you expect to benefit?
  • How will your project be accessible and affordable?
  • How will you encourage volunteering and community involvement?
  • How will you ensure your project is accessible to everyone (Disabled, low incomes, vulnerable, etc.)
  • How will ensure your project is inclusive?
  • How will you work with other community partners?
October 2018 marks 4 years since the foundation of CPM Sounds by Guy Britton and Tom Mallard taking on the Riverbank Studios project following the dissolution of the Youth Service in 2014. Since then we have taken the studio from a small recording and rehearsal facility and turned it into one of the leading independent music providers for young people in North Wiltshire. In 2018 alone we have worked with over 180 individual young people totalling over 1000 attendances across all projects at the time of writing November 2018. Providing we are able to meet our financial targets for next year we hope to build on this number even further in the next 12 months.We run many different unique musical projects and activities for young people aged 11 to 25 in Chippenham and are applying for funding to help us continue to run our recording and rehearsal facilities as well as our Jukebox Cafe youth cafe on Tuesday nights at Riverbank. The money requested will allow us to deliver 170 of the 260 hours planned provision across a year as well as paying for the hire of the cafe space during this time. Jukebox Cafe The Jukebox Cafe is a youth cafe for people aged 13 to 18 with a particular interest in music and creative arts. The cafe was initially set up in partnership with the Rise Trust and Greensquare Housing to provide an alternative youth cafe for young people who wanted a safe space to hang out play music and meet other like-minded individuals. The Jukebox Cafe now run independently by us happens weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7pm til 9pm at the cafe space at Riverbank. We host open-mic nights jam nights and other musical activities which are free and open access for anyone to turn up and play or watch whether they are a musician or not. Whilst the Rise Trust already run a regular youth cafe from the same space on a Friday we recognised a need for an alternative cafe space which caters for young people with different interests. Tom and Guy were regular attendees at the Bridge Centre when the youth cafe ran alongside band nights and have experienced first-hand how different groups of teenagers with different interests can clash and ultimately be put off from attending if they do not feel as though they fit in. The cafe also addresses a need expressed by many parents we have spoken to who mention how they wished there were more activities for their children to attend in order to get them out of the house and socialising with others. Our goal with the cafe was to create a space for young people with an interest in music and arts to come along and perform under no pressure. We are also working on a young promoters program with regulars at the cafe. Young Promoters will encourage young people to organise and run their own live events at the cafe and around the town with a particular focus on increasing female representation in the music industry. Since launching the Jukebox Cafe in January and taking several breaks between March July and October onwards due to funding shortages the cafe has seen 80 individuals come along with 181 attendances at the time of writing November 18. The Jukebox Cafe is free entry with drinks and food available to buy at a cost. The small amount of money raised from food and drink sales is used to restock the cafe. As such it generates no income of its own.Recording Rehearsal Studios As well as the Jukebox Cafe we also run regular recording and rehearsal sessions on Tuesday evenings. Young bands and musicians can book the studio spaces in advance with the recording studio costing 30 per night 4 hour session and the rehearsal studio costing 10 per night 3 hour session. The fee covers equipment hire and rehearsal support. Rehearsal rooms come fully equipped with PA system and drum kit. The combination of rehearsal recording and Jukebox Cafe all running on the same night means bands and musicians who are using the studio can take a break in the cafe and even perform at the same time if they wish to. We have capacity for 2 bands to rehearse plus one smaller room for small groups with no large equipment such as drum kit. Most weeks at least one of the rehearsal rooms is booked by a young band often two. The hire fee is set at an affordable rate to keep the facility accessible compared to commercial rehearsal rates which are typically around 10 per hour.What Difference Will We MakeThe Jukebox Cafe has so far provided local young people with an opportunity to come together in a safe unique space meet new friends and perform music in front of each other. We have had many parents comment to us on how they have struggled to get their children off the Xbox and out of the house and the Jukebox Cafe is providing an excellent opportunity for young people to do that. In the past few months we have had new bands form from the groups at the Jukebox Cafe. The formation of these new bands is a direct result of young people meeting each other at the cafe and realising an opportunity to make music together and perform. We are also trying to encourage more young women into music-making activities as studies show that women are largely underrepresented in the music industry. Of our Jukebox Cafe attendees 43.75 are female which is much higher than several figures available on female involvement in the music industry. One of the young women who is a regular attendee at the Jukebox Cafe curated and organised her own music night at the cafe for Halloween with her friends performing in bands. She wants to help put on more events and also asked if her and her friends could help with fundraising opportunities for Riverbank which shows how much they value the opportunity available to them. We have consulted the young people directly and spoken to them about what they would like to see and used these conversations to inform this application.The bands and musicians who are performing at the cafe also want a place to practice together and eventually record their ideas which is the perfect link-up to our rehearsal and recording facilities. These groups have been coming in regularly and using our rehearsal spaces in order to prepare for their performance at the Jukebox Cafe. The result of the cafe and accompanying rehearsal spaces is that we are able to create and grow a community of young people who are enthusiastic about music in Chippenham and who want to contribute to a scene that they feel they are a big part of. If there is not an opportunity for young people to come together and make music then bands will not form and young people will not get into performing. Having a community of talented creative and enthusiastic young people in the town has a wide positive effect on the whole community and under our guidance means we are able to hold more events and put on more performances that are open to the wider public. There is also a huge social benefit to individuals they are able to feel part of something which helps to increase their confidence and social skills as well as giving them opportunity to improve their musical and performance skills. Why Do Young People In Chippenham Need These Activities A consultation commissioned by Wiltshire Music Connect in 2016 in which 769 young people took part including young people at Riverbank gave lots of evidence that there is an obvious lack of opportunity for music making outside of the regular school curriculum which is also reducing in schools. The key findings of the report can be accessed here - httpswiltshiremusicconnect.org.uktake-note-county-wide-consultation-with-children- and-young-people. The findings state that Alternative music making opportunities including rock and pop genres are patchy. The progression of young people whose musical interests are outside of western classical music and the school music curriculum does not appear to receive the same support from music educators as young classical musicians receive. and Young people really value having places where they can make music informally with their peers including school spaces during lunchtimes and other rehearsal spaces to play in bands. They also want more opportunities to perform to an audience. Following a conversation with Youth Music - who funded the start of our School Of Rock Project - they told us how there was a serious lack of funding around our area from Youth Music and it was important to see organisations like ours offering these kind of activities.We have many young people who comment on how there is very little for them to do in Chippenham if they are not interested in sports or other similar clubs and activities. Several of our users suffer from forms of autism social anxiety and similar mental health issues whose parents have spoken about the difference our work is making to their childs progression. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding we have had to postpone the Jukebox Cafe until we find the the necessary funding to pay for the hire costs and staff costs. Our work is unique - we are the only organisation offering these kind of activities in North Wiltshire and we hope that with the funding we can continue to grow our influence and help provide more positive activities for young people in Chippenham.

8. Safeguarding
Please tell us about how you will protect and safeguard young people in your project (You must address all of the following):

  • Please evidence your commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.
  • How do you make sure staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding responsibilities?
  • Are staff and volunteers Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked and do you hold a central record of this as well as details of staff references.
  • Who in your organisation is ultimately responsible for safeguarding?
  • How do you ensure that young people are kept safe online when accessing your services?
All of our staff are DBS checked in accordance with our own organisation safeguarding policy. Tom Mallard company director is ultimately responsible for safeguarding within our organisation. Both Tom and Guy have completed safeguarding training Tom through Wiltshire Councils online service and Guy through Wiltshire College Chippenham where he is a tutor. All information stored on young people is stored safely and securely.

9. Monitoring your project
How will you know if your project has been successful?

Through consultation with young people and based on our own previous work we are drawing up plans for several events throughout 2019. If we are able to deliver these events successfully and continue to engage high numbers of young people through musical activities then we will have achieved a successful project.

10. Finance: if you are a new organisation and don't have accounts leave blank and tick box below

10a. Your Organisation's Finance:

Your latest accounts:

Total Income:

Total Expenditure:

Surplus/Deficit for the year:

Free reserves currently held:

Why can't you fund this project from your reserves:
At the time of writing Nov 18 we have just under 7000 remaining in grant money with around 1000 of this dedicated to equipment costs. We also have an additional 7500 approx of our own generated income. The money we have is split into funding streams and ring-fenced for specific projects. The remaining funding is entirely made up of money to pay for our School Of Rock project and 6500 of the money we have generated from School Of Rock must be fed back into that project whilst the remaining 1000 must be used to pay for administrative costs accountant fees insurance website meaning we are unable to spend these reserves on the Jukebox Cafe andor recording and rehearsal spaces.As our company financial year ended in October 2018 the attached accounts are made up until October 2017 and do not reflect most of the above. We are currently in the process of submitting to accountants for the newest set of accounts which will likely not be made ready for several months. However we are able to provide an up-to-date copy of our own management accounts upon request.

We are a newly formed group and do not yet have published accounts: 

10b. Project Finance:

Part One: *required

Total Project cost help £11232.52  
Total required from Area Board £4000.00

Part Two: Please itemise your project expenditure and project income *required

Itemised Expenditure
eg Materials help
£ Itemised Income
eg Our reserves
£ Income confirmed?
Jukebox Cafe - Staff Costs (incl. on-costs) (2 x staff, 92 hours per year) £2829.00 Chippenham Borough Lands funding (application in process) £7000.00
Jukebox Cafe - Cafe Space Hire Fees (46 sessions per year) £1661.52 Generated income for remainder of 2018 £232.52 yes
Recording Rehearsal Studio - Staff Costs incl. on-costs 1 x staff 260 hours per year £4096.00 £
Recording Rehearsal Studio - Staff Costs incl. on-costs 1 x staff 168 hours per year £2646.00 £
Total £ Total £  

11. Have you or do you intend to apply for a grant for this project from another area board within this financial year?

12. Tick all the Area Boards to which you are intending to apply, including this one (You can apply to a maximum of 3 Area Boards for the same project in a financial year)
 Bradford on Avon
 Southern Wiltshire
 South West Wiltshire
 Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade


Supporting information

Do you have the following (please tick any that apply):
 Child Protection Policy
 Safeguarding Children
 Procedure for dealing with an allegation against a member of staff or a volunteer
 Complaints Procedure
 Public Liability Insurance
 Health & Safety
 Whistle blowing policy
 Internet use policy
 Annual Accounts
 Business/Project Plan (For projects where total project cost is over £50,000)

Legal declaration
 The information on this form is correct, that any award received will be spent on the activities specified.



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