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31/01/2019 11:04:24

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Issue Summary

CATG - Lower Road Churchfields


Latest Update

07/02/2019 12:24:17 Highways Officer Graham Axtell writing to landowner to ask them to cut the foliage back. If that doesn’t happen then Wiltshire Council will arrange for Salisbury City Council to cut the foliage back.

06/02/2019 10:46:28 Dear Mrs. Wyatt I am writing further to the Area Board Issue you recently raised in connection with the above subject. I visited Lower Road on Monday of this week to look at the issues you raised. As you may be aware highway law states the public highway is for the passage and repassage of persons and goods, and consequently any parking on the highway is an obstruction of that rite of passage. There are no legal rights to park on the highway, or upon the council (as the local highway authority) to provide parking on the public highway, but parking is condoned where the right of passage along the highway is not impeded. Therefore, one possible solution to the issues raised would be to remove the on-carriageway parking taking place at this location. Doing so would address the issues you have raised. However, the removal of parking at this location would likely not be supported by residents and probably result in a significant increase in the speed of traffic using Lower Road (which is obviously something that the council would not wish to enable). Similarly, previous suggestion of alternative traffic restrictions in Lower Road, such as a one way system, have not been supported by local residents. The lack of support generally resolves around any restrictions on direction of travel being as much of an inconvenience to residents as they would be to other motorists. It is my view that it is unlikely that if any such proposals were put forward again they would be supported by local residents. I noted the issues with the foliage in the vicinity of Cecil Terrace and agree that some of the foliage could be cut back to improve visibility of approaching traffic. I think in the short term the vegetation should be cut back and the impact of doing so monitored before any other measures are potentially considered. I will arrange for the foliage to be cut back. However, I must advise you that this work will not be able to happen immediately. The overgrown foliage is in the main from a tree that is situated on private land. Legally, foliage from private land is not allowed to overhang the public highway. In such situations the council must first write to the landowner and ask them to remove any overhanging foliage. If they fail to do so then the council can remove the foliage and recharge the cost of the works to the landowner. This process must be followed in respect of the foliage in the vicinity of Cecil Terrace. I also noted in your comments about concerns about the speed of traffic using Lower Road. When concerns about vehicles speed are raised then the first thing that the council would seek to do is undertake a metro count survey. A metro count survey is a type of traffic survey that records the volume and speed of traffic using a road. The results of this survey will help to determine if speeding is creating a highway safety problem in the road surveyed and what, if any, measures would be appropriate to deal with the problems identified. Please let me know if you would like for a metro count survey to be undertaken in Lower Road. If you do I will send you an application form to complete to specify where you feel the survey should be undertaken within the road. For information Lower Road is currently subject to a 20mph speed limit, this is the lowest speed limit it is possible to introduce on a public highway. For a 20mph speed limit to have been introduced the average speeds of vehicles travelling through Lower Bemerton would have needed to be 25mph or less. Average speeds through Lower Bemerton are kept below 25mph through a combination of the physical layout of the road and the presence of parked vehicles. For information I have copied your local Wiltshire Councillor into this reply so that he is aware of the issues you have raised. Regards Paul

31/01/2019 11:12:50 Passed to highways engineer

CATG Action / Recommendation


I have now lived in Lower Road Churchfields Industrial Site endsince 2012. The amount of traffic disputes outside our property seems to be increasing especially at high usage time e.g.when there Is a change In Industrial shifts at Churchfields Industrial Estate typically around 5 pm weekdays. My husband and I have both had our cars hit while parked in the last 3 months and observed many an altercation between drivers meeting from each direction in the middle of the single carriage road as cars are parked on the left side heading towards Salisbury. Visually one cannot see up the road from the Churchill Industrial site end unless one is driving slowly with the ability to brake and give way to those cars already on their way down passed the parked cars from the Broken Bridges end Quidhampton end.These cars are also not visual to the Broken Bridges end and so cars often stalemate each other in the middle of the road with honking of hornsintimidation for those confident drivers. This then causes those to squeeze through or reverse damaging the parked cars.Is there not a possibility of considering a priority of way for those cars heading towards Salisbury or even making this an access only road at peak times or even all the time


Issue Location


Street / Location

Sp2 9nf Lower Road Churchfields Industrial site end

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Pauls

Issue Duration

Increasingly a problem

Who is Affected

Car owners who have cars parked outside their homesor others parked there.Home owners listening to altercations. Road users who are intimidated by those forcing there way through by intimidation

What has been done so far

Not within our control

What would resolve issue

Consider further restrictions to use of this road at peak times or consider prioritising traffic direction towards Salisbury encouraging wider roads to be used towards Wilton Road. Cut back tree opposite the entrance to Cecil Terrace which would give a clearer view of traffic coming from Quidhampton direction though lack of view from overgrowth does not appear to have slowed drivers down.

Who needs to come together

Highways and Salisbury District Council resolve road issues.Police observation of dangerous and intimidating driving especially at peak times.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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This call was closed 07/02/2019 12:24:






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