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30/01/2019 11:14:52

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Issue Summary

dog waste bins


Latest Update

11/02/2019 13:27:57 Thank you for raising this issue. Unfortunately, Wiltshire Council do not provide new dog bins. This query would be best directed to Your local parish council who I believe is Calne Without Parish Council and can be contacted via the Parish Clerk as follows: sarah.glen@calnewithout-pc.gov.uk. This issue will now be closed on the issue system as it cannot be dealt with by the Area Board.

CATG Action / Recommendation

11/02/2019 13:27:57 close issue


Dear Whomever this may concernsFirstly I apologise if I have sent this to the wrong department. I have sifted through the online websites for yourself to find where and who to contact and this address seemed the most likely. I did firstly try to website on the top of the bins but they are that old I do not think they work and are relevant anymore.I live in Lower Compton the old RAF estate in between Calne and Cherhil in North Wiltshire just off the A4 Quemeford. We are proud owners of our little dog as are many many people who live around here. There are also many young children who live around here too. Whilst we always without fail pick up our dogs foul with biodegradable dog bin bags and dispose of it in the proper dog foul bin we have noticed not everyone does. And this as we all know can not only be a pain for walkers around I was broke my foot went for a short stroll out and could not wear the boots for days after needing to deep cleaning it after stepping in un-cleaned-up dogs mess. But also dangerous to other dogs other pets such as cats other animals but of course to children who play outside. And I generally believe the reason some people do not pick up their dogs waste is because there is a distinct lack of dog foul bins around this very popular living community. Sometimes and I myself find this gross i pick it up and have to carry the bag around for half a mile to a mile before I can get rid of it. I know others would not be willing to do this therefore I have seen them either leave the mess or pick it up and shortly throw the full bag in the bushes. I know we have 3 bins however 2 are so very very old and one new one. These do get emptied so my question is would 1 or 2 more bins around this popular dog walking zone be of any harm As people already are there to empty the ones in the area alreadyI have attached a map of the area and in black crosses shown where the 3 current dog foul bins are. They are in 3 of the far corners of the housing blocks and are further than they look. And because of the ways of the roads and fields and popular walks they are not always passed. Another one would be extremely useful in the top corner currently without one.. As this is a popular spot for people to leave carried bags on the farmers gate full of mess and not clean it up.If I have sent this email in the wrong direction I would very much appreciate a push in the right direction with the correct contact or if I have contacted the correct department I would be ever so grateful for a reply on the matter if it could be considered.My details are01249 821424sophielouise-91@live.co.uk


Issue Location


Street / Location

Lower Compton

Electoral Division

Calne South and Cherhill

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Dog owners and everyone else who has to encounter dog foul that has not been picked up due to this issue children who could get ill from it

What has been done so far

Emailed the council who have referred me to you

What would resolve issue

More dog foul bins around the area

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council



In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Not a valid issue for the Area Board


This call was closed 11/02/2019 13:27:






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