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19/01/2019 10:45:39

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I am reporting an issue about the zebra crossing located on the A4 on London Road outside Box C of E Primary School. As a parent of a pupil who regularly uses the zebra crossing to get to and from school each day I have witnessed cars lorries and vans not stopping for pupils parents and carers. There is widespread concern amongst parents and carers that one day a child will not wait for cars to stop on either side and will be fatally injured especially because many vehicles do not observe the 30 mph speed limit within the village of Box. Our crossing patrol left their position in August 2018 and the position remains vacant further causing concern that the zebra crossing is an accident waiting to happen. I would like to know why a pelican crossing or other safety measures cant be put in place to ensure children parents carers and members of the public can cross that section of the A4 safely without the fear of being hit by a vehicle that illegally does not stop for them at the zebra crossing. Further evidence and a large backing from the community can be provided.Concerned parent and Box residentCarla Chignell


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London Road Box

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School childrenParentscarers

What has been done so far

There was a school crossing patrol who stopped traffic however they left this post in August 2018 and the position remains vacant.

What would resolve issue

A Pelican crossing to control traffic and allow children to safely cross the road to get to school.

Who needs to come together

Parents/carers, teachers and pupils of Box C of E primary school. The community of Box. Wiltshire Council.


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