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09/01/2019 13:50:42

Reference No



Issue Summary

Overgrown shrubbery


Latest Update

11/01/2019 09:34:36 Thank you for taking the time to contact us however, this is not an issue that is dealt with by Chippenham Area Board. This matter is dealt with via the My Wiltshire process. Please report on line or via your mobile phone: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/mywiltshire-online-reporting

CATG Action / Recommendation

11/01/2019 09:34:36 Not an issue for Chippenham Area Board, correspondent advised to report via My Wiltshire http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/mywiltshire-online-reporting


I have been using the small car park opposite Borough Parade for months. I have noticed that there has been an overhanging bush branch at the end of the car park with a bollard in the car parking space preventing anyone from using this. This bay has been unusable for many months now. Can you please send someone to attend to this. I find it very infuriating that no car parking machines offer change yet small things like this branch that affect the community are over looked for so long. When it can so quickly be resolved.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Borough Parade Car Park.

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Anyone needing to park in chippenham

What has been done so far

contacted the council who should be sorting this issue as its their car park

What would resolve issue

i would like to branch to be removed and the car parking space reopened.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council



In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Not a valid issue for the Area Board


This call was closed 11/01/2019 09:34:






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