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06/01/2019 23:42:13

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Issue Summary

CATG Slag Lane restrictions


Latest Update

18/01/2019 12:27:19 Westbury Town Council, Highways, Planning and Development committee reviewed this at the meeting on Monday 14th January and the response is as follows: Westbury Town Council Highways, Planning and Development – 14.01.19 The committee felt this was impractical, what would the signage say, how would the police enforce? If a registered vehicle used the road, what is to stop others following. Westbury Town Council do not support any alteration to the agreed access on this road.

07/01/2019 09:48:40 Thank you for raising your issue with the Area Board. Wiltshire Council has set up a way for communities to decide local highway improvement priorities. A local community area transport group (CATG) made up of local people and elected councillors come together to consider issues and proposals recommend schemes that can be taken forward in any financial year. Please note that before the CATG considers a request, it must first consult the respective town / parish council to seek their support and agreement in principle to contribute financially. Only when a town / parish council indicates support will the issue go to the CATG for consideration. The CATG decides which schemes should put forward as a priority and makes recommendations to the Area Board. Please note the demand for highway schemes is high and resource limited. Not all requests can be taken forward to implementation and proposals supported by the CATG may have to wait a while before they become a priority for funding. We will keep you informed of progress as we go through the steps outlined

CATG Action / Recommendation

18/01/2019 12:27:19 Item closed


Currently it is prohibited for all vehicles except buses to turn into Hawkeridge Road from The Ham. Might I request that the exception granted to buses also be extended to vehicles which are registered at an address on Slag Lane Turntable Place Neptune RoadThe overall prohibition makes sense as it stops through traffic using Slag Lane as a rat-run to by-pass the main roads. However residents of Slag Lane and the two roads mentioned above would not typically be using it as a rat-run but for access to their residence.It seems to me that there are two benefits to this modification -1 Slightly less traffic on the main roads during busy times of day.2 A clear reduction in the carbon footprint of the residents of the Lakeview Estate.


Issue Location


Street / Location

The Ham Hawkeridge Road

Electoral Division

Westbury North

Issue Duration

Dont know

Who is Affected

Residents of The Lakeview Estate in Westbury

What has been done so far

Nothing prior to this report.

What would resolve issue

As per the above extended to vehicles which are registered at an address on Slag Lane Turntable Place Neptune Road the right to turn into Hawkeridge Road from The Ham.

Who needs to come together

The County Council and the Parish Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 18/01/2019 12:27:






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