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04/01/2019 17:31:19

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Notton Lane runs through Notton which is a small hamlet of 24 residential houses and Notton House School excluding houses that are deemed part of Notton but are on the other side of the A350 with some of the residents being elderly and others being families with small children. Coming from the Whitehall Garden Centre there is a straight piece of road with houses on one side and that is followed by a series of tight bends where the road narrows with houses along both sides. It comes out at Notton House School and it then rejoins the A350. At the narrowest part of the road right on the bends there are nearly always 2-3 cars parked there as two houses have nowhere else to park. Outside the school on weekdays there are as many as 25-30 cars parked on both sides of the road presumably teachers at the school. There is a pavement through Notton but it is extremely narrow and walkers tend to have to walk in the road. Horse riders frequently come through the hamlet. Currently there is a 40mph limit on the straight piece of road and a 30mph limit on the part where it narrows and bendsOver the last few years residents of Notton have seen a huge increase in traffic coming through Notton even although there has been no increase in the number of residents in the hamlet. The reason for this is that it is now being used regularly as a rat-run particularly by motorists coming from the Corsham direction or coming out of the Whitehall Garden Centre and looking to access the A350 towards Chippenham and the M4. The traffic lights on to the A350 at the Lacock junction will only allow a small number of cars to pass through on green with the result that motorists have to wait on the Corsham road. People who travel regularly from Corsham and beyond towards Chippenham and the north including the M4 have learnt that it is frequently quicker to drive down Notton Lane and join the A350 at Notton House School rather than join at the traffic lights.There has also been a significant increase in traffic visiting Whitehall Garden Centre as the site has become a destination centre for entertainment rather than simply a garden centreretail outlet. At certain peak times of the year Easter bank holidays Halloween Christmas and other dates when Whitehall has a special event traffic comes to a standstill outside the gates to Whitehall along Corsham road down Notton Lane where cars often park at busy times and even on the A350. Many visitors to Whitehall have learnt to exit through Notton to avoid the jam . For a brief period at a weekend before Christmas the management of Whitehall even put up a notice before it was taken down recommending that motorists go through Notton if heading north.Notton is also used as a rat run by motorists going in the other direction but less so as it requires turning across the busy A350 at the filter opposite Notton House school. The problem with rat-runners is that they are usually determined to prove if only to themselves that they will be quicker than going the alternative route. As a result they pay little attention to the current speed limits and tear down the straight and round the sharp corners. My property runs across both sides of the road and I have frequently stopped cars speeding through Notton as I cross the road and the speedsters are never residents of Notton. There have been a number of near misses on the bends and one can envisage one day there being a serious accident .The situation is only going to get worse as more and more motorists get used to driving through Notton and also as visitors to Whitehall continue to increase. Whitehall has planning permission to double its retail space which is bound to increase the number of visitors nearly all of whom travel to the site by car. These rat runners are now posing a danger to local residents as well as causing noise to the detriment of local residents.


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Notton Lane Notton Lacock SN152NF

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Issue Duration

It has been getting steadily worse over a number of years

Who is Affected

Residents of all 24 houses in Notton excluding the part of Notton that is to the East of the A350. Also horse riders bicyclists and walkers

What has been done so far

There is very little we can do. Some residents have flagged down cars speeding through Notton and in every case they have been people not visiting residents of Notton but just driving through. They dont pay any attention to our requests to drive slower

What would resolve issue

Consultation has taken place with residents of the 24 houses affected with the exception of number 1 Notton White Cross where no one answered and it appears to be empty. A number of options were considered such as ----reducing the speed limit to 30mph and 20mph but unlikely to have any effect on rat-runners----put in chicanes one way has right of way to reduce traffic speeds . Expensive and unlikely again to have much impact .----block off one entrance to Notton so that there could be no through traffic. Probably impractical and not supported by all residents due to personal inconvenienceWe would like to propose the following. At the Whitehall Garden Centre end of Notton Lane EITHER put up a No Entry sign so that cars would be legally forbidden from going down Notton Lane in that direction OR put up a No Left Turn sign on the left hand side of Corsham Road between the entrance to Whitehall Garden Centre and Notton Lane. We believe that both of these options would substantially reduce the traffic through Notton as if motorists disobeyed the sign they would be breaking the law. Whitehall Garden Centre undertook to residents of Notton at the time it applied for planning permission to double its retail space that when it went ahead with this development it would narrow the entrance from Corsham Road to Notton Lane which would make a No Entry or No Left Turn sign even more effective.In conjunction with this sign at the Whitehall Garden Centre end of Notton Lane we would request a No Access sign at the other end by Notton House schoolThere is precedent for what we are proposing elsewhere in Wiltshire for example in part of Derry Hill leading off the A4. Our proposal carries the support of 100 of the Notton residents referred to above

Who needs to come together

We are not sure which organisations would have to approve these traffic measures. We have informed Lacock Parish Council about the issue and our proposed traffic measures.


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