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28/12/2018 20:52:15

Reference No



Issue Summary

Safety of pedestrians crossing Malmesbury Road


Latest Update

12/01/2019 21:54:47 This request is already in progress under Community Issue Reference 4704. This issue will therefore be closed; progress can be checked on line under reference 4704, you will receive e-mail alerts to advise you each time issue 4704 is updated.

CATG Action / Recommendation

12/01/2019 21:54:47 No further action under this reference number as this matter is already being dealt with - See Community Issue 4704


There is a safety issue for pedestrians crossing Malmesbury road to enter John Coles Park. There safety issue results from- There is no controlled crossing for the large residential area to the West of John Coles park over Malmesbury Road- The existing island crossing is between two blind corners and does not offer sufficient protection for crossing pedestrians to watch for traffic and for pedestrians waiting to cross often too many people waiting at the island- There is no other traffic calming or speed limit enforcement on the road around the popular crossing points resulting in often excessive speed while at 30mph it still remains unsafe- I have witnessed several near misses at this location and am confident other people will have also.The location of the issue is Malmesbury Road between the junctions of Deansway and Greenway Avenue where opposite the three entry points to the park.I highly recommend a Pelican crossing or at least Zebra with traffic calming measures is introduced to avoid future serious accidents.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Malmesbury Road between Deansway and Greenway Avenue

Electoral Division

Chippenham Hardenhuish

Issue Duration

At least 5 years and likely longer

Who is Affected

All users of John Coles Park who access from the West. A conservation estimate would be at least 500 people a week and over 2000 in total.

What has been done so far

There is no remedy available to residents that would address the issue.

What would resolve issue

Installation of a Pelican Crossing on Malmesbury Road between Deansway and Greenway Avenue

Who needs to come together

The council and relevant town and traffic planning departments


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Forwarded to relevant Service officer(s) for action


This call was closed 12/01/2019 21:54:






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