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18/12/2018 17:43:09

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Following the serious accident outside the Tunnel Inn at the junction of Boxfields Road and White Ennox on Box Hill on Wednesday 5 December 2018 it must surely be time to lower the speed limit around this area from 60 mph. We have been asking for this for over two years with no success - indeed with no response at all. During this time the traffic problems have got worse this narrow single-track lane with passing places has become a rat-run for many of the MOD employees who now work from the huge MOD Corsham site at Westwells. We have also seen a big increase in delivery vehicles since many people now shop via the internet. In addition the Woodland Adventurers site which is at the junction where the accident happened recently lacks enough on-site parking with the consequence that parents dropping young children off often from large people-carriers are parking on the narrow muddy verge and causing obstructions and danger to themselves and other road users. The hazardous bends on this stretch of the lane are totally unsuited to speeding vehicles as is the junction at the top of Quarry Hill where it branches off towards Box Hill common and the very popular Quarrymans Arms pub. How many more accidents need to occur here before this speed limit is deemed unacceptable


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Boxfields Road and Box Hill area

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Several years

Who is Affected

Any road users pedestrians and horse riders

What has been done so far

Wrote to Highways Department Wilthire Council on 21 October 2016. Subsequently submitted relevant form to the Community Area Transport Group on 18 January 2017.

What would resolve issue

The 60 mph speed limit reduced Clearer signage at junctionsDangerous parking outside Woodland Adventurers to be addressed

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