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14/12/2018 20:24:43

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Safety of vulnerable road users at the Cross Keys Junction A4Cross Keys Rd.The adoption of a lower speed limit between the Pickwick 30 zone and the Corsham town boundary along the route of the A4 would achieve a considerable increase in safety for road users Children cyclists pedestrians and motorists smooth traffic flows improving congestion improve the local environment and enhance the entrance to Corsham as the main gateway to the town.Expected benefits - Assessment i.a.w Circular 0113 para 31 taking into consideration the important factors para 30. 1. Collisions and casualties. A History of collisions within the last 12 months have included the destruction of traffic lights and a wall with traffic travelling at deadly speeds and frequently running the lights. Combined with a dangerous composition of road users which includes multiple cyclists and children there is a very high risk of a fatal accident. 2. Vulnerable road users walking and cycling. The Cross Keys junction is the intended gateway to Corsham Town. It is subject to very heavy cycle traffic as the Wilts National Cycle network crosses the A4 at this point. Children from the dwellings to the North side frequently have to cross the road to reach the 3 Corsham Primary Schools within walking distance and older children are required to cross the road to catch private school busses. Pedestrians wishing to access the bus network Westbound also need to cross frequently. The addition of a crossing will be a significant increase in safety but a small mistake by a road user travelling through at 60mph would be fatal a speed reduction would mitigate this risk considerably. 3. Congestion and Journey time. The current relaxation of the 30mph limit to 60mph on the exit from Pickwick for a very short distance before the traffic lights at Cross Keys disrupts the flow of traffic. With cars accelerating to 60 then braking to a stop within a very short distance this also increases the tendency to run the light as evidenced by the RTAs. Consistency of speed would improve journey times and smooth traffic flows para 34 reducing congestion. 4. EnvironmentAir Quality. A formal survey has not been conducted but it is readily apparent that there is poor air quality in the area whilst idling cars are a significant contributor it is exasperated by cars accelerating hard from a stand-still to 60. Reducing speeds from 60 to 40 has a proportional decrease in pollution. Noting that below 40 pollution increases with reduced speed hence the argument for 40 as an appropriate limit. There is a real danger of current limits being exceeded for adjacent dwellings. Noise. The sound level from general traffic flow and accelerating vehicles has been measured at the nearest dwellings during rush hour to average 87dbs this is above the level at which prolonged exposure causes permanent hearing damage. Reduction in speeds from 60 to 40 would provide an exponential reduction in noise from both passing and accelerating traffic. This would also be helped by an improved road surface.Clarification required As the A4 at Cross Keys has 3 or more street lights approximately 183m apart on both sides of the road it would be useful to understand if this is a restricted road Have traffic authorities deliberately removed the restricted road status As per the guidance status of roads should be continually reviewed with changing circumstances there have been a large increase in road users both cars cyclists and vulnerable persons with the increase in dwellings and younger families to the North leading to the issues described above. Any previous removal of restrictions may no longer be appropriate.Whilst the Cross Keys area does not meet the technical definition of a village it is the only area on the A4 between Bath and Chippenham containing a number of dwellings in close proximity to the road combined with a dedicated cycle highway and vulnerable road users Children which does not have a reduction in speed from the national limit. Despite the technicalities this is not morally justifiable for the reasons set out above indeed the guidance for setting limits in rural areas states that authorities should use their discretion in this respect. In addition para 127 of the regulation states that areas with the walking cycling and environmental issues outlined above should have consideration given to a lower limit.


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A4 and Cross keys Rd junction

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Children cyclists pedestrians and motorists.

What has been done so far

The issue has been raised at the Property Amenities Committee the minutes reflect the following decisions PA 3418That Corsham Town Council supports this issue going to the CATG. That Corsham Town Council makes a financial contribution towards the survey.

What would resolve issue

Recommendation The national speed limit for single carriage roads is not appropriate for the Cross Keys junction applying a 40 mph limit on the A4 from the Pickwick 30 zone to the Corsham town boundary would be an appropriate zone for speed reduction in compliance with the principals of local speed limit regulation.This could be achieved efficiently with the Highways works already approved for the junction.

Who needs to come together

CATG to support the recommendation above, provide the resources required to enable the Wiltshire Traffic Engineering team to conduct the work concurrently with that already planned.


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