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07/12/2018 12:19:23

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On Behalf of Transcoco I would advocate that a 20mph speed limit is implemented in Corsham along all residential streets and includes Pickwick Road Newlands Road and Pound Pill leading to Prospect. This measure is designed to be a cost effective way of enhancing the public realm of increasing walking and cycling active travel and reducing car dependency and dominance. It is a measure that can lead to health and wellbeing benefits a reduction in traffic accidents increase in social inclusion and a reduction in pollution. This proposal is in alignment with the recent Corsham Public Realm study the Neighbourhood plan and is part of Corsham Strategic Plan 2018-20222 and is supported by Corsham Town Council.See www.transcoco.org.uktransport-2 for details


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Produced a proposal see link that advocates the introduction of 20mph that is supported by the town council

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see the link

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Wiltshire Council and Town Council


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