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28/11/2018 16:00:41

Reference No



Issue Summary

Speed limit review Stockley


Updated in last 7 days (18/03/2019 17:35:)

Latest Update

18/03/2019 17:35:17 At its meeting of 12th March 2019, the Calne Area Board agreed to close this issue and noted that the Parish Council would resubmit in future if required.

18/03/2019 17:32:44 The CATG discussed this issue raised by the Parish Council at its meeting on 21st Feb 2019. The Parish representative reported that the parish wishes to prioritise other issues before this one is pursued and requested it is closed.

CATG Action / Recommendation

18/03/2019 17:35:17 Issue to be closed.

18/03/2019 17:32:44 recommendation to Area Board to close this issue


Speed of vehicles in the Stockley Area


Issue Location


Street / Location

Stockley Calne

Electoral Division

Calne Rural

Issue Duration

18 months

Who is Affected

Residents and road users

What has been done so far

metro counts were carried out in January 2018

What would resolve issue

A reduction in the 40mph speed limit.

Who needs to come together

Calne Without Parish Council and Wiltshire Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Forwarded to external partner organisation for action


This call was closed 18/03/2019 17:35:






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