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28/11/2018 10:25:20

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Since September this year I have been driving my son to school at a slight later time than in previous years.I drive along Valley road turn in Creswells drop him off and return to Neston.The timing means I am now a witness to the peak time for students walking along Valley road to Corsham Comprehensive School.The section in question is between Spackman Lane and Creswells.I will say it scares me to think about how close to the road the pupils walk and on a muddy slippery track between the curb and a barrier.I think Its the fact that they walk on the road side of the barrier that gives me the collywobbles. Every time I pass I think it is amazing that we have not had a serious and avoidable accident to date.I know as everyone else probably does that the path is designed for pedestrians to walk down into the dip and up the hill to avoid this dangerhowever I feel it is unrealistic to expect pupils some of who walk some distance to walk down a hill to have to walk up it every day. I knowwhat I would have done at that age.Please could the Corsham Town Council consider my comment seriously especially asVery large Lorries drive very close to the curb on their way to Leafield Industrial EstateOn a personal note it would be very difficult for me to hear of a serious accident as a result of not stating a very clear and obvious road safety issue.I have cced this email to Corsham Comprehensive Head Teacher to make them aware of my concerns.I am a Father of three two still go to Corsham school one of them occasionally cycles. I have ferried my own children and their friendsall over the place in pursuit of their sporting and social activities. I am also an Ex motorcyclist. I would like to think I have a reasonable amount ofroad traffic experience. I dont feel I am making these comments without due thought. My only concern is that it has taken me this long to comment.Many thanks for your time and hopefully your consideration.Howard Trippe1 Nethermore Neston. SN13 9XT07753 61042001225 812155


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Valley Road

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Some time

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Pupils walking to School

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Contacting you is my action. I have emailed David Martin at Corsham town council who suggested this form.

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You are experts. Please advise what is possible.

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