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18/11/2018 13:46:16

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We live on Quarry Hill Box and are concerned about the traffic and roadside damage to the area. Quarry Hill is a narrow road and only suitable for one way traffic. However the amount of traffic two way has increased substantially over the years presumably due to increased housing in Corsham the MOD offices and the fact that the road now seems to be recognized on Satnav. Of particular concern are the large lorries that now use the route and the speed of many of the vehicles. In addition more cars used by walkers in the woods now park on the roadside and edge of the woods resulting in damage to the countryside including increased litter plus difficulty for vehicles using the road. The matter will also get worse once the new housing is all build in RudloecorshamWe are also concerned because our house sides onto the road at a very narrow point and our house and garden walls have been damaged by vehicles. It is only a matter of time before very serious damage is done to our property.Please can you advise how we can request restrictions on traffic using this road.


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Street / Location

Quarry HIll Box

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

It has got increasingly worse over the last 5 years

Who is Affected

everyone who lives on Quarry hill plus those who enjoy walking in the woods and vicinity

What has been done so far

Contacted Box Parish Counil on 1 Nov. They responsed saying they will look at the matter but have not heard from them since.

What would resolve issue

Any one or more of the following options1. Speed bumps2. Make the road one way which it is at the very bottom of quarry hill

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Not known


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