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07/11/2018 17:40:34

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Currently the 30m road outside the National Trust Manger Barn to the Museum entrance in the Lacock High street is used for car parking. There is a gate here preventing through traffic.Cars are driving down to the Abbey entrance to seek a parking place and often have to turn around in the road to go back damaging kerb stones and grass verges. The pedestrian visitors are at risk as they have to avoid turning cars when trying to enter and leave the Abbey.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Lacock High Street outside the National Trust Manger Barn 30 m to the Museum entrance

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

3 years

Who is Affected

Car drivers who are Visitors to Lacock.

What has been done so far

Discussions on this problem and this course of action at a site meeting with the NT General Manager Lacock Parish Council Highways and WCs Chris Clark. Subsequent meetings of the Lacock Traffic Group and at the LPC in October to agree this proposal.

What would resolve issue

Paint double yellow lines for 30 m from outside the National Trust Manger Barn to Museum in the Lacock High street.By restricting parking it will show drivers in advance that no parking is allowed.This should reduce the numbers of cars going down there attempting to park and having to turn around.

Who needs to come together

The NT and LPC have already met and agreed this request, in principle.


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