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10/07/2018 18:16:22

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Issue Summary

overfilled bins causing health hazard


Latest Update

30/08/2018 11:52:19 Wiltshire Council housing and waste officers are investigating this matter currently, and attempting to find a solution - made more complex by (a) each property having steps up on to the pavement (the council cannot therefore instruct the tenants to tidy their bins off the pavement) and (b)some of the properties are privately owned and a process of establishing who owns which properties is still being established. Officers hope to be able to update on progress in September

11/07/2018 20:33:14 referred to officer for advice

CATG Action / Recommendation


14 wheelie bins outside properties in Mill Stream Approach Salisbury. This is just before Swimming Pool Bridge as you drive over the river to get to the Coach Park.These bins which are an eyesore taking up room on the pavement have not been emptied for weeks possibly because the contents are mixed and not general waste or recyclables. There is a possibility that Novichok is lurking in these bins and for health and safety they should be emptied and cleaned out. I suggest this quantity of bins could be removed and replaced by large wheelie bins which could be placed in a recess in the wall and then not cause an issue for passing pedestrians.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Mill Street Approach

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Edmund and Milford

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Pedestrians walking over the bridge.The rubbish in the bins is smelling and could be contaminated. How long do you leave rubbish about

What has been done so far

It is a matter for the council.

What would resolve issue

All 14 of these bins should be emptied and taken away.Large top flap bins could be introduced and placed in the recess in the brick wall thus not interfering with people walking past.

Who needs to come together

It is the council's responsibility



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Current Status

in progress








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