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09/07/2018 19:14:51

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Issue Summary

Food waste


Latest Update

16/07/2018 19:26:47 close

11/07/2018 13:08:30 Contacted the resident directly to discuss further.

CATG Action / Recommendation

16/07/2018 19:26:47 close


Throughout Wiltshire we continue to have no food waste. This issue is deeply effecting the earth as food struggles to decompose among general waste producing dangerous and unnecessary methane into our world. After living in Cardiff and Bristol where food waste is the norm throughout the household I have seen the benefits firsthand. Recycling food waste can provide huge benefits by reducing emissions produced and creating compost which can improve the soil throughout Wiltshire as well as giving back to the famers to improve their soil and crops with less need to use pesticides.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Throughout Wiltshire

Electoral Division

Melksham North

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Everyone the wildlife the world.

What has been done so far

In the process of creating a partition for the community.

What would resolve issue

The goal is to get food waste recycling throughout Wiltshire.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire council and everyone in the community.


Our Community

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 16/07/2018 19:26:






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