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03/07/2018 20:21:46

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Issue Summary

CATG speeding Leap Gate


Latest Update

13/11/2018 16:06:03 Following your request for action to be taken against speeding vehicles, we have now received the results of a recent metrocount survey. As you know, the metrocount survey was located at the site specified for two weeks. The results show that the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit was below the level that the Police consider constitutes a significant risk to highway safety. I hope the results offer you some reassurance that the level of speeding falls within accepted levels. Driver behaviours and road use can change over time and we will be willing to look again at this issue should you remain concerned. Another survey can be conducted after a period of one year has elapsed – so do please raise the matter again if you feel the situation becomes worse over the next twelve months.

06/11/2018 12:21:29 Discussed CATG October 2018. Metrocount to be undertaken following implementation of waiting restrictions.

11/07/2018 10:51:33 Issue received and forwarded to highways department, local councillor, Wiltshire Police and Town Council. Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Area Board. Speeding is a very serious concern in Wiltshire and the Area Board has put in place arrangements to help local communities tackle the problem. Every speeding issue raised with the Area Board is assessed. Records will be checked to find out if any recent traffic surveys have been undertaken and if so the results will be reviewed. If no survey has been undertaken, then - provided the local parish council supports the request - a new survey will be undertaken. This involves placing metrocount wires across the section of road for two weeks to monitor speeds. The results of the survey will be provided to you, the local parish council and your Wiltshire Councillor. This will show whether speeding is creating a highway safety problem – based on the same criteria used by the Police. Any further action will depend on the results of the survey. If the survey shows that speeding is a problem, then several options are available. Firstly, local people may be invited to set up a community speedwatch – volunteers trained by the Police and provided with equipment by the Area Board. We have seen how effective these schemes can be and we would encourage communities to take part. If the problem is severe the police may add the road to its list of enforcement sites and undertake periodic enforcement action. Should these measures not improve the situation, then the Area Board may be able to consider other measures – such as changes to road layouts. However, these are expensive solutions and only used if other measures fail to address the highway safety issue. To request a metrocount survey please complete and return the form which will be emailed to you.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Speeding on the 40 M.P.H. section of Leap Gate.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Leap Gate mainly between Hilperton Drive and the Green Lane crossing point.

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

6 Years

Who is Affected

All local residents

What has been done so far

This issue has been raise many times to Wiltshire Council but for some reason they will not take action.

What would resolve issue

Firstly lower the speed limit to 30 M.P.H. and install some form of traffic calming to insure limit is adhered too.Secondly traffic calming at the entrance to the side roads especially Parsonage Road because when exiting Moyle park onto Parsonage Road it extremely dangerous due to limited vision and the speed of vehicles entering Parsonage Road. Thirdly the numerous times that I and others that use the Pelican crossing adjacent to the Red Admiral that have had near misses with cars failing to stop because of their speed.

Who needs to come together

Local, Town and Wiltshire Councils, Wiltshire Police.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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