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03/07/2018 14:39:49

Reference No



Issue Summary

convert footpath Trow13 to shared use with cyclists


Latest Update

06/11/2018 12:18:39 update from CATG meeting October 2018. Issue discussed, Highways officer will prepare costs for conversion order and sign removal and report back to the next meeting in December.

03/07/2018 14:46:27 issue received and forwarded to highways officer, ROW officer, town council, local councillor

CATG Action / Recommendation


I wanted to inquire about Footpath TROW13. I was surprised to find it was not a shared use path and that cycling is prohibited. I live on Wingfield road and would prefer to cycle to the sports centre with my son and this would be an ideal cycle route the path is very wide and there is certainly adequate room when compared to other recently added usage paths around Trowbridge.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Footpath TROW13

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

General public - childrenadults using bicycles.

What has been done so far

Enquired via rightsofway@wiltshire.gov.uk but they asked me to fill in this form.

What would resolve issue

Convert usage of Footpath to a shared use path

Who needs to come together

Area Board and the Community area transport group


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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