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23/06/2018 10:46:12

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Crossing Bradford Road east of Stone Close junction is considered dangerous by parents of school children who are walking from Park Lane to Rudloe. There is a cut-through from Park Lane to Bradford Road and children are crossing from that point across Bradford Road and then walking towards Rudloe. There is a crossing point further west on Bradford Road but its not used because one side of the road is a hedge. Perhaps this could be opened up so a footpath exists on both sides of the crossing. Its believed that the speed of traffic at this point is dangerously fast and the footpath west of Stone Close junction towards Rudloe is narrow and overgrown meaning pedestrians are forced closer to moving traffic when walking.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Bradford Road Corsham

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Pedestrians including school children walking to Broadwood School Rudloe

What has been done so far

Site meeting with local residents including parents of children at Broadwood School

What would resolve issue

Traffic speed assessment on Bradford Road close to Stone Close junction.Widening of pavement west of Stone Close on the way to Rudloe.Creation of pavement on the south side of Bradford Road so that the formal crossing point west of Stone Close junction can be used.

Who needs to come together

Corsham Town Council CATG


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