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17/06/2018 21:00:03

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Latest Update

06/12/2018 15:45:39 The Town Council are now fully involved with this situation and are in discussions about incorporating designs from their public realm strategy into the refurbishment of the A4 Cross Keys junction. This issue will now be closed

CATG Action / Recommendation

06/12/2018 15:45:39 The Town Council are now fully involved with this situation and are in discussions about incorporating designs from their public realm strategy into the refurbishment of the A4 Cross Keys junction. This issue will now be closed


Cross Keys - Corsham Town Gateway impact on Safety Health and EnvironmentCross Keys forms the natural gateway to the North East of the town in its current form the infrastructure presents a number of urgent safety and environmental issues which should be addressed in order to make the gateway usable for all forms of travel walking cycling and driving.Issue Traffic Speed. Presently traffic enters the traffic lights at Cross Keys at 60mph it is one of the only 60mph zones between Chippenham and Bath and the only town along the route which does not restrict the speed of the traffic flowing through it. Impact Safety. There are 16 dwellings immediately surrounding the North side of the A4 at Cross Keys many have young children attending schools in Corsham. There is no safe facility to cross the road and with trucks passing through at 60mph it is a terrifying experience consequently it is extremely difficult and dangerous to access Corsham by foot for those living to the North side of the A4. There are frequent RTAs at the junction often taking out a traffic lights or knocking down a stone wall.Furthermore should one be brave enough to venture across the A4 the pavement into the town centre along the East side of Cross Keys road is only 2ft wide in places which does not provide enough protection against the traffic. Traffic which is frequently speeding as it has turns off the 60mph road onto Cross Keys road with a less than compelling 30mph zone set some way south of the lights.Impact Noise and pollution. This is a consequence of congestion and exasperated by the increased traffic speeds. When travelling East along the A4 the Pickwick 30mph zone ends shortly before the Cross Keys traffic lights consequently cars accelerate from 0-60 on pulling away from the lights towards Chippenham. When compounded with increased numbers of cars and poor road surface this creates an average noise level of 87db within 25m of the junction measured at 5pm Mon-Fri. This sound pollution is way above the level at which prolonged exposure causes permanent hearing damage. Contrary to general planning guidelines for road speeds the change from 60 to 30 at Pickwick shortly after the lights when heading West from Chippenham creates a concertina effect and does not smooth the flow of traffic. The 3rd order effect of the above issues is extremely poor air quality around the Cross Keys junction.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Cross Keys Rd junction with Bath Rd A4

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Years - increasing with the rise in road usage

Who is Affected

Residents living in the vicinity of the Cross Keys Junction. Cyclists using the Wiltshire Cycle route all pedestrians entering Corsham from Cross Keys all traffic on A4 flowing through the junction.

What has been done so far

Represented view in response to the Corsham Town plan consultation too long term to address immediate safety issues. Local council contacting Highway Engineers in an attempt to influence county works.

What would resolve issue

ReccomendationsThe Corsham Town sign sits approximately of a mile East of the Cross Keys Gateway this would be a perfect place for compelling speed reduction measures 30mph ensuring drivers acknowledge that they are entering the town and a residential area. This can then link to the Pickwick 30mph zone a short distance down the road. This will make the junction safer for cars pedestrians and cyclists and smooth the flow of traffic reducing congestion and pollution noise toxic fumes and particulate. With traffic slowing as they enter the town it will also serve to reduce speeds on the Cross Keys Roads where speeding is a frequent hazard to people and peacocks.Provide safer pedestrian access from the proposed Gateway into the town centre by widening the pavement and providing a safe way to cross the road at the Cross Keys lights this will also allow people better access to the bus stop on the North side of the A4.I would appreciate consideration of these issues with regard to the planned county works at the junction. Due to the significant risk of death or serious injury and risks of permanent damage to health from pollution I would urge the Highways Planning committee to consider this as a matter of urgency.

Who needs to come together

County Council as the Highway Owners with support from the local council and advice from local residents.


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This call was closed 06/12/2018 15:45:






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