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09/06/2018 18:36:51

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Issue Summary

Trespassing at Benson Close Marlborough


Latest Update

11/06/2018 13:03:07 This issue can be sent to Wiltshire Councils legal department for more information about what might be done.

CATG Action / Recommendation


A number of residents of Thomson Way have taken it upon themselves for the years to use our garden at the end of Benson Close as a right-of-way.In the closing days of Kennet District Council a log retaining wall was built to hold back the bank which runs down from College Fields Road.Over the years constant trespass across our garden resulted in the gradual degradation eventual collapse of this wall.Wiltshire Council then constructed a new brick retaining wall in its place in about 2016.Still people have persisted in clambering over this wall. Now there is the potential for 1 Gradual degradation potential damage to the wall 2 Criminal damage to cars parked adjacent to this wall 3 Possiblity of legal action against Wiltshire Council should injury result 4 Trespass across a private garden with resulting destruction of plants shrubs property.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Benson Close

Electoral Division

Marlborough West

Issue Duration

15 years

Who is Affected

Number 1 2 Benson Close

What has been done so far

Discussed the subject of trespass damage potential for personal injury with everyone found forcing a path across the property.

What would resolve issue

I request that Wiltshire Council issue a notice to all residents of Thomson Way notifying them that no right-of-way exists beyond Benson Close as it is a cul-de-sac.Any injury suffered by individuals in the act of trespass will be the responsibility of the person concerned not that of Wiltshire Council. In addition any criminal damage to vehicles or property as a result of trespass will be dealt with by the Police.

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in progress








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