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06/06/2018 10:17:04

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Issue Summary

Emg Grove Play area needs refurbishment


Latest Update

13/06/2018 10:17:54 Issue received and forwarded to environmental services, local councillor and town council.

CATG Action / Recommendation


The play park in Wiltshire Drive is no longer suitable for the age ranges it states is dated and untidy and is not often used because of this. Quite often when I have visited there has been empty alcohol bottles thrown about long grass and other rubbish. It is a massive shame because Wiltshire drive is a residential area with a fairly good reputation and the park lets it down as there isnt anywhere for us to take our children on foot.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Elm Grove Play Area

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

The children of the community.

What has been done so far


What would resolve issue

If possible it would be fantastic to see the park be refurbished so that it is more suitable for the ages it states to provide for. Currently it is for ages 0-14 however my 2.5 year old can no longer use the swings without her feet dragging along the floor. It is very dated and no longer cared for and a bit of an eyesore. I surely cant be the only parent in the area to think something needs to change.

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in progress








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