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31/05/2018 12:56:29

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13/11/2018 16:07:14 Following your request for action to be taken against speeding vehicles, we have now received the results of a recent metrocount survey. As you know, the metrocount survey was located at the site specified for two weeks. The results show that the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit was below the level that the Police consider constitutes a significant risk to highway safety. I hope the results offer you some reassurance that the level of speeding falls within accepted levels. Driver behaviours and road use can change over time and we will be willing to look again at this issue should you remain concerned. Another survey can be conducted after a period of one year has elapsed – so do please raise the matter again if you feel the situation becomes worse over the next twelve months.

06/11/2018 14:26:12 update from CATG meeting October 2018. metrocount form issued, awaiting results.

31/05/2018 13:03:11 Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Area Board. Speeding is a very serious concern in Wiltshire and the Area Board has put in place arrangements to help local communities tackle the problem. Every speeding issue raised with the Area Board is assessed. Records will be checked to find out if any recent traffic surveys have been undertaken and if so the results will be reviewed. If no survey has been undertaken, then - provided the local parish council supports the request - a new survey will be undertaken. This involves placing metrocount wires across the section of road for two weeks to monitor speeds. You can request a survey by completing the request form online . The results of the survey will be provided to you, the local parish council and your Wiltshire Councillor. This will show whether speeding is creating a highway safety problem – based on the same criteria used by the Police. Any further action will depend on the results of the survey. If the survey shows that speeding is a problem, then several options are available. Firstly, local people may be invited to set up a community speedwatch – volunteers trained by the Police and provided with equipment by the Area Board. We have seen how effective these schemes can be and we would encourage communities to take part. If the problem is severe the police may add the road to its list of enforcement sites and undertake periodic enforcement action. Should these measures not improve the situation, then the Area Board may be able to consider other measures – such as changes to road layouts. However, these are expensive solutions and only used if other measures fail to address the highway safety issue. To request a metrocount survey please complete and return the form which i will email to you. Issue forwarded to highways officer, local councillor and town council.

CATG Action / Recommendation


I wish to bring your attention to the number of motorists exceeding the 30mph speed limit on Silver Street Lane. I moved to the area 6 weeks ago and live in a house alongside the road and I am alarmed how fast many vehicles including buses travel with what seems total impunity and disregard for the law. Having spoken to other residents who have lived on the road for many years the issue has been raised before but little done and only for a short length of time. Silver Street Lane runs between Bradley Road and Frome Road. Apart from one sharp corner it is a long and wide road with houses on each side and a total of 10 smaller residential roads leading off it. One of those roads Hazel Grove leads to the Grove Primary school. Parents of the children often park on Silver Street Lane and walk their children to the school. Silver Street Lane has no 30 mph signs and just one small warning sign about the school.I conducted my own simple traffic observation from my house and found that over a period of two hours 4 half hour periods at different times of day of the 807 cars that passed my house 553 68 were clearly exceeding the 30mph limit by quite a margin with some I estimate travelling at 40 to 50mph. I saw vehicles overtaking other cars. The drivers were all ages some with children in the car. Something needs to be done to slow the traffic before an accident happens. I would suggest that 30mph signs are erected at both ends and midway along the road to remind motorists of the speed limit and mobile speed cameras set up occasionally. A speed camera sign might also help. Speed bumps are not the solution they damage houses with the vibrations. Metro count strips should be laid outside my house 64 Silver Street Lane Trowbridge BA14 0JR. There is a lampost to the left of my driveway.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Silver Street Lane Trowbridge BA14 0JR

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Over 12 months

Who is Affected

All residents who live on this road and pedestrians.

What has been done so far

Written to local councillor and conducted my own survey - see above

What would resolve issue

I would suggest that 30mph signs are erected at both ends and midway along the road to remind motorists of the speed limit and mobile speed cameras set up occasionally. A speed camera sign might also help. Speed bumps are not the solution they damage houses with the vibrations.

Who needs to come together

Highways Agency, Trowbridge Community Area Transport Group, speed gun detectors.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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Current Status

in progress








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