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31/05/2018 06:28:18

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Latest Update

05/07/2018 14:39:20 Environmental Services update- We feel there are no Environmental Protection measures that require our intervention at this time. We have spoken with colleagues in animal health and licensing to make them aware of the complaint. I understand there are no issues that they can pursue at this time. If the complainant remains unhappy with the welfare of the horses we would suggest they contact the RSPCA. Issue to be closed on issues system. Issues can be reopened at any time.

31/05/2018 10:45:32 Issue received, forwarded to Public Protection Team, local Councillor and parish Council for info.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Badly managed stable at Hoggington Farm. No checks on horse passports Muck heap is surrounding the barn and is becoming a health risk as water and liquid is running into 2 of the stables. No drains are provided and we are told to throw the waste water into the field. No free access on occasions as the owner diliberately parks car in the entrance blocking access to vets farriers and liverys. Horses are bought in at for sale at varying intervals without any checks being carried out.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Hoggington Farm

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

At least 12 months

Who is Affected

Stable liverys

What has been done so far

Spoken to the owner Mr R Tompkins on numerous occasions but he is disinterested and just wants livery cash in hand. He has now asked us to leave as he cant be bothered with complaints.

What would resolve issue

Snap inspection and action taken by the relevant authorities

Who needs to come together

Not known



In touch with Councillor


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Current Status

in progress








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