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29/05/2018 18:38:29

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CATG road side bend verge subsidence B4014 Brokenborough


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30/05/2018 08:34:29 Thank you for raising your issue with the Area Board. The Council has set up a way for local people to decide local highway improvement priorities. A local community area transport group (CATG) of local people and elected councillors comes together to consider issues and proposals and to recommend those schemes that can be taken forward in any year. Before the CATG can consider a proposal, it must first consult the local parish or town council. Only if the parish supports the issue will it be considered further. If your issue is supported by the parish council, it will be submitted to the CATG for consideration. The CATG will then decide whether it should go forward onto the list of priority schemes. Resources are very limited, so it is important that schemes are prioritised in this way. Obviously, not all schemes can be taken forward and some proposals may have to wait a while before they become a priority for funding. The CATG makes recommendations to the Area Board who will decide which schemes will be funded and taken forward. We will keep you informed of progress as we go through the steps outlined.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Verge besides our garden on the bend is being eroded by vehicles including HGV and agricultural the road surface has also subsided we are very worried as we have had another vehicle crash through our hedgerow and fence.We have had 3 cars in our garden since we moved here in 2001 the increase in traffic has increased tenfold since we moved her.eDyson recruitment program has compounded the issue adding thousands more vehicles and the volume of noise is unbearable.I sincerely feel that because theres not many properties along the B4014 I feel no one is taking the issue seriously. Our quality of life is suffering heavily as we no longer use our garden as the fear is too great we work our backsides off with a big Mortgatge its only fair we can safely enjoy our garden this opportunity is now taken away from us and we cant do nothing about it we are now looking to move out of this area to another county as its a hell hole.We have also endured the death of our own 16 year old son on the same road and its seriously affecting mine and my wifes mental health.


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Electoral Division


Issue Duration

Numerous Years

Who is Affected

12 Gilboa Cottages

What has been done so far

Reported it to James Gray MPBrokenborough parish council Matt Perrott wilts highwaysOliver PhippsMalmesbury Community Engagement Manager

What would resolve issue

Sort it out

Who needs to come together

I'm a homeowner you the authority have the power and tools to control speeding traffic, educating road users not sure how I honestly don't know what community groups are able to help other than the local parish council which i feel is toothless


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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in progress








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