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15/05/2018 17:42:57

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Issue Summary

Lack of passing places on Long Dean Lane near Yatton Keynell


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I live in a little hamlet called Long Dean nr Chippenham. The road leading to Long Dean is a single track lane that leads from Giddehall to Upper Castle Combe. The road is being used on an increasingly more frequent basis by people using sat navs to get to Castle Combe racing circuitgolf clubvillage. Would it be possible for someone to assess the lane and consider adding more passing points please Its not uncommon to have to reverse a considerable distance when you come across another driver who doesnt know the road.


Issue Location


Street / Location


Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Many year though more and more recently

Who is Affected

The residents of Long Dean and West Yatton.

What has been done so far

I contacted Highways who have pointed me here.

What would resolve issue

I would like to see more passing points added along the length of the lane. There are currently no official passing areas just field entrances etc.

Who needs to come together

I'm not sure who needs to be involved in this sort of thing.


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