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08/05/2018 11:30:36

Reference No



Issue Summary

Repeat of issue 6205


Latest Update

19/06/2018 15:54:48 officers are devising a plan to ensure the necessary works can be carried out, and matters of land ownership clarified

01/06/2018 14:24:10 officers have advised that part of the land belongs to the Housing Authority and that they have instructed clearing works of the area which will be carried out as soon as possible

14/05/2018 13:33:45 Officers investigating this have been chased for a response. An update will be with you as soon as possible.

CATG Action / Recommendation


The land at the back of my house in Jubilee Close is overgrown and not being kept in any way for at least the last 16 years its causing direct damage to my garden fence through the ivy covering it on the other side reduced the moisture in my garden so nothing grows its touching my garage and guttering and any longer will start to cause damage its also causing me to become depressed due to the state of my garden and lack of light and potential damage.


Issue Location


Street / Location

17 jubilee close

Electoral Division

Salisbury Bemerton

Issue Duration

10 years

Who is Affected

Myself and other residents of Jubilee Close and Wagstaff Way.

What has been done so far

Ive contacted Salisbury Council yourselves and the businessconstruction developers please see area board httpsservices.wiltshire.gov.ukAreaboardviewmyissue.phpid6205I wish I could attach photos so you could see the severity of the problem.

What would resolve issue

The land badly needs maintaining Ive proposed cutting it back myself or even buying the land or maybe it could be used for something within the community Id like a long term fix rather than a short term as well just have this issue again in a few years which is a waste of money on your part. Id also like my fence replacing as its caused damage beyond repair.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire council. Tree surgeons. Gardeners.


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress




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link to issue 6205



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