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30/04/2018 08:50:39

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30/04/2018 08:59:06 issue received and forwarded to local councillor and town council

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Longfeild community centre.We was approached by one of your employees yesterday morning after meeting for a social run.They stated they are Fed up with runners parking there when they have paying guests .This was a Sunday morning 9 am meet and returned after 2 hours .As we precivue that a community centre is that community and I presume as a council that you embrace 5 ways to wellbeing theory .This gentlemen was very rude there was only a few runners and we feel as a community hub it should be that community all of us runners as from different parts of trowbridge .Please can you confirm is there an issue to us parking for a nominal amount of time as we dont wish to park on the main road and block the roads


Issue Location


Street / Location

Longfeild community centre

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Fellow runners who are implanting Five ways to wellbeing we are social runners who suffer from depression and anxiety .

What has been done so far

Been polite to manager and now reporting to yourself

What would resolve issue

Speak to the rude manager at the Hub.

Who needs to come together


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


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in progress








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