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10/04/2018 17:05:55

Reference No



Issue Summary

Speeding concern on Pearce Way Bishopdown


Latest Update

16/04/2018 21:17:31 issue being investigated by officers

CATG Action / Recommendation


Pearce Way used to be the main road to access Bishopdown Farm Housing estate and had a 40mph limit. Since David Wilson Barratt Homes starting building completed the Riverdown Park development we have noticed a significant increase in traffic. The limit has been reduced to 30 mph. 90 of traffic seem to transit this road in excess of 40mph and on occasions greater up to an estimated 60 mph. At the end of the road sits the pedestrian traffic entering and exiting the Greentrees School. The excess speed now puts the children at risk and something need to be done to reduce the risk as the current traffic calming measures are inadequate and needs to improve to keep the traffic at 30mph.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Pearce Way Bishopdown

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Marks and Bishopdown

Issue Duration

12 Months

Who is Affected

All parishioners.

What has been done so far

Initial report

What would resolve issue

Better traffic calming measures implemented to reduce the risk to life damage to property

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council / Salisbury City Council / Laverstock and Ford Parish Council


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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