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04/04/2018 17:49:27

Reference No



Issue Summary

C22 Townsend Chitterne


Latest Update

31/05/2018 13:35:53 Parish Council has agreed not to take this forward as work has already been undertaken

06/04/2018 13:59:57 Thanks for raising this. I understand it is already being looked at and will check the details for you

CATG Action / Recommendation

06/04/2018 13:59:57 CATG again?


Speeding on the C22 Townsend Chitterne. This is a hazard to life. The results from the recent metro count show that 78.9 of traffic is breaking the speed limit. 44.1 of the traffic is breaking the speed limit by more than 5mph. These are shocking figures.


Issue Location


Street / Location

C22 Townsend

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Over 15 years.

Who is Affected

All road users including those in vehicles those on horseback cyclists and pedestrians.The excess speed also causes excess solution and this affects all those who live on Townsend as well as livestock in the adjoining fields.

What has been done so far

We have lobbied the Parish Council Wilts Council our MP Wiltshire Police. None of them have been able to make the road safe.

What would resolve issue

Its time for an Engineering solution to be found as the current Education solution of 20mph limit and SIDs in combination is clearly not working.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council & Wiltshire Police.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome



This call was closed 31/05/2018 13:35:






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