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04/04/2018 17:14:06

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Issue Summary

Traffic issues in Deverills when A350 closed


Latest Update

06/04/2018 13:58:52 Thanks for raising this issue which I will look into

CATG Action / Recommendation

06/04/2018 13:58:52 Not sure if CATG issue?


Traffic problem in the Deverills whenever the A350 is closed or blocked. At such times A road traffic is diverted through the villages and particularly along a single lane road in Monkton Deverill


Issue Location


Street / Location

Deverill Valley

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Regular and increasing occurrences of road closures on A303 and A350

Who is Affected

Whenever traffic from closed or blocked A350 diverts through the Deverills it causes traffic chaos plus misery to residents and damage to verges. At these times A road traffic is allowedencouraged through inadequateabsent signage to decant through the villages and onto a single track village lane with a steep hill and sharp bends to try to access the A350 and subsequently the A303. The UDPC feel that if this situation is allowed to continue there will be a serious accident.

What has been done so far

Before the last planned closure of the A350 at Longbridge Deverill on 24 Feb 2018 the UDPC contacted the traffic department at WC requesting that Hindon Lane in Monkton Deverill should be closed for the day accept for access. We were told this was not possible. However we were assured that signs would be placed on the B3095 at its junction with the A350 and at Mere saying No access to A350 or A303 and Not suitable for diverted traffic and giving alternative routes for diverted traffic to follow. We were assured this would be done and we reassured anxious residents to this effect. On the day of the planned closure there were no signs at either end of the B3095. All the traffic from the A350 subsequently poured through the valley and along the Hindon Road as we had feared. Only because it was a dry frosty day was damage limited. This has happened many times before and causes traffic chaos misery to residents and major damage to verges.

What would resolve issue

We would like Road Closed except for access signs at both ends of the B3095 whenever there is a planned closure of the A350. When there are traffic accidents and sudden road closures on the A350 and A303 we would like Not suitable for diverted Traffic signs on the B3095 at Longbridge Deverill and at Mere.

Who needs to come together

Traffic Department Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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