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04/04/2018 13:04:14

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Issue Summary


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04/04/2018 14:50:28 This will be passed to WC Highways for comment.

CATG Action / Recommendation


There is at present no safety procedures in place outside the gates of St. Nicholas School. For years the local Council and especially the Parish Council have ignored the obvious dangers to school children as they are made to walk in the middle of a road which is a bus route that it gridlocked by agitated drivers trying to park manoeuvre reverse U-turn their way out from this neglected and dangerous setup.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Idmiston road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

More than 10 years

Who is Affected

School children parents local residences

What has been done so far

The residence of Horefield along with numerous parents of school children have voiced their concerns but Idmiston Parish Council have chosen to ignore this because and I quote These are riff-raff estate people with the least path of resistance. Councillor Valarie Tresswell.

What would resolve issue

I would like to invite a safety representative to walk or even try to drive the short distance from the Porton Memorial Hall passed the Horefield estate to Idmiston between the hours of 3 and 4 p.m. to witness the chaos for themselves. With over 80 parked cars turning the road into a single lane carriageway with insufficient width for emergency vehicles for more than half a mile this is increased to 150 plus vehicles when the school has an evening or weekend event.

Who needs to come together

The Idmiston Parish Council, The H.S.E. Anybody who is willing to listen.


Highways & Transport

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Current Status

in progress








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