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27/03/2018 10:34:02

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27/03/2018 14:10:57 Issue received.

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Paxcroft mead park is in an awfil condition. The main climbing frames is rusted and corroded meaning the main platforms for play are not suitable for wright bearing and also dangerous. My child came close to putting his hands yesterday and getting his feet caught in the very large corrode holes in the various platforms of the main climbing frame.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Pascroft mead Park fields off Hacket Place.

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Since 2017 but degrading.

Who is Affected

All children using this park - given this park serves all residents of the paxcroft and castle mead estates and the 2 schools.

What has been done so far

There is nothing I can do. besides not using this park. But the other small play areas in the estate are closed and out of service.

What would resolve issue

Parents of Paxcroft mead would like to see this equipment fixed to a safe standard or to have the item completely replaced.

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in progress








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