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26/03/2018 23:07:28

Reference No



Issue Summary

Speeding RWB A3102 opposite poppy


Latest Update

15/09/2018 06:04:34 12/9/2018 – This was discussed at the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) It was felt that this is another example of bad driving and as such there is nothing that the CATG group can do to change this. Issue to be closed.

09/06/2018 05:59:43 060618 Initial discussion at CATG meeting - this needs to be discussed by RWB Town Council for their opinion.

28/03/2018 18:54:33 referred to Cllr Mary Champion

CATG Action / Recommendation

15/09/2018 06:04:34 Unfortunately there is nothing that the CATG can do about this. If you wish to discuss further please contact mary.champion@wiltshire.gov.uk


I live just opposite the poppy on the busy main road leading into the high street often I am woken up by speeding cars and lorrys. In actual fact I am so angry I am looking at moving away from bassett.


Issue Location

Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade

Street / Location


Electoral Division

Wootton Bassett North

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

My neighbours all that live by main road

What has been done so far

Speed cameras would suffice

What would resolve issue

Speed cameras

Who needs to come together


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 15/09/2018 06:04:






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