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26/03/2018 11:23:29

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Issue Summary

CATG - Speeding via Wootton Rivers


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There are concerns about the speed of vehicles coming into and going through the village. The village is approached by four narrow winding roads which bring vehicles into the main road which curves through the centre of the village. There are no footpathspavements and so pedestrians share these roads with vehicles. The current speed limit is 30mph. However there are concerns that this speed limit is not always adhered to and that in any case this may be too fast for the roads as they approach the village e.g. a narrow bend at Bank Cottage and along the main road through the village. The main road has two bridges railway and canal over which visibility is also more limited. Location for metro count to be outside Wootton Rivers Village Hall. This will inform us as to the volume and speed of traffic flow once it has come into the village. Obviously it will not tell us what is happening on the approach roads.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Wootton Rivers main road and approach roads

Electoral Division

Pewsey Vale

Issue Duration

A number of years but concerns over rise in volume type of vehicles t

Who is Affected

Concerns about speed of traffic and debate about the speed limit have arisen a number of times over the last decade. However there is a perception that there has been a steady growth in traffic volume alongside the advent of larger farm and articulated vehicles and a rise in the use of home delivery lorries. Work done in 201617 through the neighbourhood plan identified that 64 of respondents agreed that speed was an issue and should be reduced.Pedestrians and cyclists - the main road through the village has no footpaths or pavements and is largely within a conservation area with attractive buildings soft verges and a sense of being back in time. Residents and tourists walk along quite leisurely with their dogs and children not expecting to be met with vehicles going at any speed. The village attracts tourists due to the canal its well-known church walkingcycling routes and a popular pub. Drivers on occasions vehicles are going too fast to slow down and so go up onto the soft verges. There have been reports of vehicles in near miss or incidents on roads coming into the village particularly Forest Road as the bends here are sharper and 30mph or faster can make collision less avoidable.

What has been done so far


What would resolve issue

We would like help to assess the risks and to discussidentify solutions. This may be about lowering the speed limit speed reduction solutionse.g. speed bumps andor better signage to remind drivers of risks sharp bends unsuitable for HGVs pedestrians poor visibility etc.

Who needs to come together

We would need advice on what options might be possible to help reduce traffic speed and to then consult on these with residents.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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in progress








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