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23/03/2018 08:43:32

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Issue Summary

Issues at Greenhill


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CATG Action / Recommendation


I REQUEST MY IDENTITY IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.IN Overview Local farm being used for non agricultural business which has increased the volume of traffic on a single track road with a delicate road surface. Suspicion that non agricultural workers are being regularly housed at the farm.Mr Wakefield applied for and ultimately received planning permission to construct an Agricultural workers dwelling - 1512765FUL in March 2016. For approx 1 year we experienced construction traffic that would normally expect associated with the construction of the 1 dwelling that had been approved - it went down to the farm in the morning and returned back up in the evening.After the construction was apparently complete there was a small lull and then gradually from mid 2017 to now there was an increase in heavy construction-type vehicles leaving the farm early in the morning and returning in the evening leaving us to believe that these vehicles are being stored at the farm.Also the amount of vehicles then subsequently leaving Greenhill is minimal leading to the suspicion that persons are living at the farm that are not associated with agri. There have been reports that a new building has been erected on the site but out of normal view. I cannot verify this personally.More recently two vehicles are now seen advertising Mr Wakefelds business as Agricultural Equinne and Construction services. In Feb he placed an advert on gumtree.com as followsAgri building contractors operating excavators telehandlers cherry pickers and various other plant.....own vehicle to drive to yard. This appears to substantiate this inquiry.Our concerns areHas Mr Wakefield been granted permission to operate this new business from his farm and if so why werent we consultedThe volume of increased heavy traffic and other associated traffic on a single track lane with limited passing places- impact on road surface with proven poor substructure- road well used by foot traffic and horses


Issue Location

Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade

Street / Location

Hilldrop Farm Greenhill RWB SN4 8EH

Electoral Division

Wootton Bassett East

Issue Duration

Approximtely 6 months

Who is Affected

Potentially all residents of Greenhill

What has been done so far

Nothing by me personally and to the best of my knowledge no-one else has approached him. Several neighbours have spoken to me about their concerns but are apparently unwilling to formally complain. Mr Wakefield is known to be at best unapproachable. I therefore request that this submission is kept anonymous.

What would resolve issue

A review by the appropriate responsible teams to validate what type of business is being run from the site and if all appropriate permissionslicences etc have been issued.

Who needs to come together

Planning. Parish council. Highways.


Community safety

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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