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19/03/2018 14:21:23

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Issue Summary

Inaccessible stiles Kington St Michael


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CATG Action / Recommendation


Footpaths and styles from the lane at the back of The Ham in Kington St Michaeldown the hill Style No 1 is lethal as the support angle very narrow. Up the hill through Caronation Woods Style No 2 ditto. Over the field towards Stanton Lane double styles. One broken and the next one in the hedgerow high and not good. I have a hip replacement and my companion a brain tumour but we like to walk but accessibility is sooo difficult. I have fallen backwards a few weeks ago off the double style when out alone and could have been seriously injured as my head just missed the stone between the two styles.All the styles need attention or changing to make access safer for everyone to enjoy.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Back of The Ham

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Nay member of the public

What has been done so far

report it to you

What would resolve issue

Styles replaced or fixed to allow better access before someone is seriously injured

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council


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