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06/03/2018 10:38:49

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Issue Summary


Latest Update

01/05/2018 11:35:12 CATG April 2018 update- There are forthcoming pedestrian surveys to be undertaken on various routes linking to Grove Primary School and this location would be included. This is with a view to determine any required engineering measures to improve crossing facilities. To be taken forward with school as part of Taking Action on School Journeys Challenge.

06/03/2018 10:47:04 Issue, Received, forwarded to Highways officer, local councillor and town council for info. Issue will be discussed at next meeting of Community Transport Group.

CATG Action / Recommendation


I live on Frome Road Trowbridge between Pitman Avenue and Manor Road and walk my children to the Grove School every morning. This involves crossing Manor Road in order to get to the traffic light crossing for College Road. Manor Road is a fatality waiting to happen and urgently requires some sort of electric traffic signs advising drivers travelling either way on Frome Road that school children are crossing. This road has to be crossed by parents and children from at least six schools and it is extremely dangerous. Me and my two girls were nearly run over yet again this morning by a driver and this is something I see on a daily basis. I am not exaggerating this at all and it needs immediate action.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Manor Road BA14 9HP

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

I have been doing the school run for five years

Who is Affected

School children parents and any other member of the public that tries to cross this road.

What has been done so far

I can do nothing but try and be as vigilant as possible this however is not a solution to this issue.

What would resolve issue

I would like traffic calming signal such as school children crossing signal at the bare minimum in both directions on the Frome Road.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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Current Status

in progress








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