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28/02/2018 17:02:12

Reference No



Issue Summary

Request for protection of green space Forest Road


Latest Update

16/04/2018 08:58:09 Note from CATG 08.03.2018 - Mark will come back with a cost to the next meeting

CATG Action / Recommendation


The following issue was raised with the Town Council by a local resident.....Can anything be done to prevent cars parkingdriving on the grass verges and causing damage Pleasant environments are being destroyed by this thoughtlessness or dont care attitudes. Also recent drainage works took place along Awdry Avenue Id like to praise the contractors who did this work and put right any damage that occurred. However since their departure the grass verges along Awdry Avenue are being damaged by buses and careless drivers who cannot be bothered to slow down sufficiently enough to negotiate the corner and parked cars which are parking closer and closer to the junction since the double yellow lines disappeared due to the drainage works. It would be great if these yellow lines could be reinstated and possibly lengthened. Hopefully something can be done fairly quickly to preserve the disappearing grass verges.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Forest RoadAwdry Avenue

Electoral Division

Melksham North

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

residents and road users

What has been done so far

This issue was raised with the Town Council who discussed it at a meeting on Monday 26th Feb 2018.

What would resolve issue

The Town Council have suggested investigating the possibility of installing posts or similar obstructions along the verges to prevent carsbuseslorries mounting and damaging them.

Who needs to come together

Town Council and Wiltshire Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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