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23/02/2018 08:01:18

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The Boss and Owner of Strawberry Fields hair design 42b High street Corsham smokes in the salon. she does it in her office bathroom which is by the toilet if you are to go into that room you will hopefully find the ashtray but if they have had time to hid it then you will at least see some burn marks on the wooden shelf. she will smoke with the door open and also flicks her ash into the sink.when you turn up to inspect she will no doubt ask where you from and then the staff will know to go and hide the ashstray and her tobacco.obviously this is anonymous but i can tell you that this has happened since the day she opened the salon i was a staff member of ten years so i have witnessed it.there is also no no smoking signs up in the salon however there is a fire extinguisher but i dont think its in date or even works.


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42b high street corsham sn13 0hf

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Issue Duration

ever since it was made illegal

Who is Affected

staff are mainly affected as they will be eating their lunch in the kitchen and have to put up with her smoking. the clients also are affected as the smoke travels throughout the salon and they are sat there having their hair done.

What has been done so far

i was an employee and wouldnt of been able to bring this subject up as it wouldve been shot down straight away. she says the salon is her home there for she can smoke there

What would resolve issue

i would like you to fine her this has gone on for years and years and years.

Who needs to come together

well i spoke to the government first of all and they suggested to contact the local council.


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